Coffee, Cake and Love

Well, I am super excited to introduce to you my latest project: Coffee, Cake and Love!

Through my most recent circumstances, God has been teaching me the importance of loving people well…even when it’s hard.

So out of this, I have a new blog and Facebook page; check them out and follow along!




What is it all about?


Through Home-Spun Hearts I run Bible Studies and a Book Group and will continue to do so, you can also check back here for articles on faith and family too.

Coffee, Cake and Love is somewhere you can go for home, life and hospitality inspiration!


Where can I find it?


The blog will  be here at Coffee, Cake and Love and you can join and follow in the usual way.

The Facebook page is here, and you can like the page and get notifications there too!

Looking forward to sharing new journeys with you!


Grace and Love

Helen x

A Quick House Pick-Me-Up

When people knock at your door and ask you what number you live at, and they’re not even looking for you, it’s time to think that this:



Isn’t helpful.

When people knock at other people’s doors looking for you, and you are number 4, it is indeed proof that you need to do something.

Having had a quick browse around potential door number plaques, feeling enormously fussy that there wasn’t a single one I liked, I decided that the best way to fix the problem was to make one myself.

Here is how, in one afternoon (which was a shorter spend than how long I can dribble my time away online), I made my own and tidied up the front of my house.

You will need:

1 suitably sized rock. Thankfully our family name is short, so I didn’t have to lug a boulder around. It’s going to be easier if you have at least one smooth surface.

A printer

Black acrylic paint + fine brushes

A pencil

Step 1

First of all, choose a font you like.  I chose Birmingham Titling.

Choose a suitable size and type into Word what you want your rock to say.  I kept it simple, just a house number and our family name.

Print it off.

2013-05-26 12.10.14

Step 2

Shade over the reverse with a pencil…this may well take you back to tracing at school and you’ll have a nostalgic moment (or maybe that’s just me…?).

2013-05-26 12.14.47 2013-05-26 12.11.57

Step 3

Turn the paper on to your rock – you may need to snip it to make it easier.  Then transfer the lettering using your pencil, writing over the letters.

Step 4

I used some very bog-standard black acrylic paint to paint over the letters.  You need a steady hand, but you don’t need to worry about it being perfect – that’s part of the charm 🙂

2013-05-26 12.30.22 2013-05-26 12.34.35 2013-05-26 13.23.47

Step 5

Display outside.

2013-05-26 13.51.02



I made this two summers ago.  I did consider at first that maybe I should varnish it, or coat it in something waterproof, but it has survived two winters (and last winter was WIIILLD up here) and two summers, so I’m pretty pleased.  This is what it looks like today.


Helen x


Upcycled Brown Bottles

So, a long time ago I decided to start hoarding all manner of bottles, bits of wood, jam jars…there’s a project in everything…right?! Well, I do love these little brown Brundaberg Ginger Beer bottles, and decided that surely there was something I could do with them!

 Here is my project and how to upcycle/recycle/revamp – call it what you will! – a few old brown bottles!

2013-04-03 13.13.36

What you will need…

 3 brown bottles, Brundaberg or similar!



Brown twine/string

Wooden tags

Glue gun

Step 1

First of all, measure out three pieces of burlap to wrap once around the bottle.  Secure with glue.

2013-04-03 13.21.01

Step 2

Wrap ribbon over the burlap and secure with glue.

2013-04-03 13.27.15

Step 3

I decided to call my bottles Joy, Love and Peace.  I had found these little wooden tags and used an ordinary gel pen marker to write the three words on the tags.

2013-04-03 13.30.23-1

Step 4

Using some brown twine, I tied the little tags around the bottle, over the ribbon, securing in a bow at the back.  They have stayed on without glue.

2013-04-03 13.49.27

Step 5

Display somewhere oh-so-proudly and tell people – yes I made those! 🙂

2013-04-03 14.20.00

Jewel Jars and Chore Charts

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got thousands of pins on Pinterest pinned for another day, most of which you haven’t even checked the links for!

While Pinterest is full of inspiration – and I really do love Pinterest – it can be totally overhwhelming.  The danger is, of course, we end up feeling like inferior wives and mamas, because all these pins seem to have been completed by superwomen who clearly have the ability to multiply time!

I have spent plenty of time pinning hundreds of parenting ideas to help your children become more responsible; chore charts, chore pegs, chore magnets, chore envelopes…you name it, someone has made a chore version of it.

But we all have different families, with different children, and different demands.  Some of us have placid and obedient children – some of us have those who like to walk a little more on the wild side!  Some of us have large familes, some of us – me being one of those some – have just two little darlings.

So, here is (hopefully) not just another pin for a rainy day when you are desperate to use a laminator and need a reason to do so, but how I took the best of Pinterest and made it work for my family!

Step 1 – Identify your goals

The idea of giving our two children pocket money has become more relevant over the past six months.  We have had little sticker charts for a long while now, but at the start of the summer holidays, they both realised they had outgrown many of their books and toys and wanted some new ones!  The need to teach them to earn and save became a bit more pressing.  So my first goal was to enable them to earn some pocket money.

Step 2 – Plan simple ways to achieve them

To start with, I decided to revert to the good old sticker chart.  I decided that blank ones are the best because they allow you to adapt to your children – for example, in holiday times, the demands on them are less just by virtue of the fact that they spend less time in the house and have after school activities.  So, for each chore they complete they achieve a sticker.


My second method is a Jewel Jar.  I took two old plastic sweetie containers and they decorated them with stickers.  I bought a cheap bag of glass pebbles (that are really for the bottom of vases) and they became our jewels.  Jewels can also be earned for additional acts of helpfulness and random acts of kindness.


My third method (bear with me, I said it was simple and it really is!) is Money Pots.  I saved several glass jars from jams and pickles and had the kids choose three each.  They got to decorate them again, and they are for Spending, Saving and Giving.


Every Saturday, we add up stickers and jewels.  Each jewel and sticker is worth 10p and they can trade them for money.  They then decide how to divide their money up – it’s up to them how they do it, but they have put something in each jar.

Step 3 – Don’t forget the Bible

Every opportunity we have to give our children the gospel is one we should take, and having Jewel Jars and Chore Charts is no exception!

It is good to teach our children obedience, and it is good for them to realise what the fruits of their labour can bring.  It is good for them to consider how they can use what they have been given and what they have been earned, to realise that the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it (Psalm 24:1).  We can teach them to be good stewards (1 Peter 4:10), to work for the Lord (Colossians 3:23) and to help those in need (Proverbs 19:17).  There are so many sweet lessons we can teach our children through these simple things!

Helen x

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