The Love of God Saves {Advent Devotional}


By Bill McIntyre

Today we conclude our Advent walk through John 3:16; if you missed any of the posts, the links are at the bottom of this one!
Let’s look at these next words:

should not perish but have eternal life

God’s goal in sending his Son from heaven to earth was not condemn you or to show you how bad you are, how unworthy you are or how hopeless you are.God’s only desire in sending his Son was show you his love and draw you into a love relationship with himself.

Let us look at this non-judgmental love:

Jesus didn’t come into the world in order to rebuke you. – He came to rescue you.

If you see a drowning man you don’t shout at him for falling into the river but you throw him a lifeline. In God’s eyes we are like that drowning man. If we were left to our own devices then we would perish, be swept away and lost forever.

The lake and the mountains have become my landscape, my real world. (2)

God looked at the world that was drowning in sin and depravity and he could quite easily have let us be swept away.

        But he didn’t. He sent his son to rescue us that we would not perish.

He didn’t come to criticise you. – He came to cleanse you.

What better way to cleanse us than to recue us and save us from perishing? To take away that sin which would result in death and replace it with life.

He didn’t come to punish you. – He came to pardon you.

If we were to be punished as we deserve then eternal condemnation would be all we have to look forward to but he came to save us from perishing by granting those who believe a pardon.

Those three words ‘should not perish’ encompass the greatest gift that any of us could ever hope to have, the gift of life. Praise the Lord!

This is the most awesome truth.

This is the ultimate result of God sending his son to be born in this world at Bethlehem.

To die on that cross at Calvary

To rise on that third day and ascend to be with his father in heaven.

Christmas means that God sent his Son so that through his sacrifice then we would be given the opportunity to believe and through that belief have eternal life.

Heavenly Father we bow before you as our sovereign Lord and thank you that when we believe in your Son that you then give us this wonderful gift of salvation and eternal life. Our earthly bodies may die but we have eternal life with you.  Amen.

So there we have it:

The Love of God is Unconditional

The Love of God is Sacrificial

The Love of God is Treasured

The Love of God is Personal

The Love of God is Accessible

The Love of God Saves


How amazing is our God!


  1. Ifeoma Samuel says:

    Amen! It is His Love that made Him come to save a dying world through the shedding of His Blood.
    God Bless Bill and Hugs to you Helen

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  2. What a great series! I never really celebrated Advent growing up, but now that I’m older o really appreciate the chance to focus on Chrost during this crazy season.

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  3. I really like your drowning man analogy – it’s so true, that we would just save that person, so how can we say differently from the Man who saves us?

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  4. Beautiful post, yes He came to rescue us. Praise God.

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  5. What a beautiful post. Yes He came to rescue us!

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  6. Thank you Jesus for sending YOUR son so we would not perish!

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  7. He loves us SO much – if we would only understand the extent of His love

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  8. God’s unconditional love! Thanks for the reminder and such specific thoughts on all that Jesus did for us!

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  9. This has been a wonderful advent series. I am so delighted you ended with John 3:16.:) He truly does love us. 🙂

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  10. God is so good to us. Thank you for focusing on Jesus’ mission in life. Not just on the baby in the manger.

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  11. God’s love is so amazing in that while when were still sinners Christ died for us. Christ said “It is finished.” when he defeated death! Praise God!

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  12. What a beautiful presentation of the gospel that is so concise and easy to understand. You have such a gift my friend.

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  13. It is hard to understand how He can love us so much when we are so unlovable! Thanks goodness He does!

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  14. I love advent devotionals, it helps to keep perspective! 🙂 ove this sweet reminder of His love for us!

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