He Came to Give Sight


By Bill McIntyre

John 9:39,

And Jesus said, “ For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind.”




Jesus did not merely come to ransom and to call; he also came to open people’s eyes so that they can see the light and walk in it.


Our problem is not just that we need ransoming out of our slavery to sin, and a call from God to recover us from our lostness; our problem is also that we are morally blind and we need the gift of sight that only God can give.


Before I was saved I was blind to the things of God. My ‘moral compass’ was firmly set in this world. I only had eyes for the standards set by the world and I operated within those standards.  We are simply blind to some spiritual realities that are utterly crucial to see and embrace.


Where was my love for my fellow man? Only there when it could be of benefit to me.

Where was my compassion for the lost and hurting? Only there when I felt like putting something in the charity collector’s box.

Where was my discernment in the films and TV programmes I watched? I couldn’t have spelt discernment never mind tell you what it meant.


I could go on and on but hopefully you catch my drift. I was totally focused on me because I had no awareness, I had no sight of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Through the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ when he removed the veil from my eyes and made me see, I now:


Love my fellow man whether he loves me or not and without any thought of gain.

Have compassion for the lost and hurting, especially those who don’t yet know the Lord as their Saviour.

Try to take care of what goes in through my eyes and ears.


Please understand I am a long way from perfect and fall from the place that Jesus wants me to be, but now I have someone who will pick me up from these failures and restore me in his sight.This is why Christ came: so that those who do not see may see.   When Jesus says “he who sees me” he is talking about those who believe in him as their Lord and Saviour because faith is the eye of the soul. We can only see him when our faith recognizes who he truly is and who sent him – the Lord God our Father.  Therefore it follows that in knowing Christ, we come to the knowledge of God. For, God makes himself known in the face of Christ. When you look on Christ, you look on God.





Because Jesus is the express image of the person of God,


Hebrews. 1:3.

who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high


All that have a believing sight of Christ are led by him to the knowledge of God, whom Christ has revealed to us by his word and by his Spirit.  Christ, as God, was the image of his Father’s person; but Christ, as Mediator, was his Father’s representative in his relation to man, so that in seeing him (that is, in believing in him as our Saviour and Lord, we see the Father as our owner, ruler, and benefactor, in the light of creation


So he came to give sight to the morally blind.


I thank you Lord for restoring my sight and I pray Lord that, through your Holy Spirit, you will help me to keep that sight of you clear and unobstructed and that when I fall short that you will forgive me and open my eyes to my many failings.


This is the meaning of Christmas. – He came to give us sight




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