He Came to Call Sinners {Advent Devotional}


By Bill McIntyre


Luke 5:31–32,

Jesus answered and said to them, “ Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance


Jesus came to call sinners to repentance. Who is that? In fact it is every single person who inhabits this planet. We are all sinners.

Some years ago a friend of mine who was a really nice guy, you could say one of nature’s gentlemen, agreed, on my invitation, to attend an Alpha course.  Everything was fine and he agreed with most of what was said until we reached the middle weekend of the course and the subject was sin.  He was absolutely outraged that he was being classified as a sinner because his view of a sinner was a thief or murderer or a really bad person.  He could not accept that all who turn away from God are sinners and that God does not grade sin.

This guy had the world’s view of sin in that there are various levels of sin and that there is a cut off point above which sins become unacceptable but below which is OK.

To take a few pens and paperclips from work is not theft and therefore not a sin but to take things from the local shop without paying is theft and therefore a sin.

To kill someone’s reputation with words is not a sin but to kill someone with a thrust a knife to the heart is a sin.

My friend would do the first of both of these but never dream of doing the second.But isn’t this just the problem in the world today that we categorise ourselves and compare ourselves to others when in fact our God looks on us all as sinners without distinction.

As Paul writes in Romans 3:23:




This is why there needed to be a ransom to be paid for sinners. Then, there could be a successful call to sinners to repent and turn back to God.

The analogy of the physician is really important here: if you are sick and do not have a physician then you may be very unlikely to ever get well.  Likewise, if you are a sinner (that includes us all folks) and you do not have someone who can take that sin away then that sin will lead to death.

The call is based on the ransom.

The ransom paid allowed us to be called to repentance.

And Jesus says he came for both of these things.




He does not leave the ransoming or the calling to others.

Don’t you find it amazing that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the one who paid the ransom and the one who calls? He did not leave it to a lesser angel or some heavenly worker but did it himself. He is the physician and the healer and even today 2000 years after he paid that ransom with his death, he is still calling sinners to repentance through the Bible and through the preaching of the Bible.  He is calling you today.

If you are yet to respond then will you respond today?


Today is the day – tomorrow may be too late. If you have responded has your Mother/Father, Brother/Sister, Aunt/Uncle, Son/ Daughter, Best Friend yet to respond? Pray for them and never give up praying because there is nothing more powerful than the prayers of the saints.


This is the meaning of Christmas. He came to call sinners to repentance.


  1. We have all been that guy, haven’t we? Picturing sin as some big nasty obvious thing like sex outside marriage, murder, bank robbers – Big things, but missing the pride and arrogance, the stolen paper clips and such. It is only through the Holy Spirit that I’ve learned what a sinner I really am – a lesson I learn over and over, but coupled with the reminder that God’s grace is bigger than my sin. I’m never left feeling dirty and alone, but redeemed and loved.

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  2. Amen! I have know the Lord since I was 7 and my relationship with Him continues to grow! God is so amazing that his forgiveness never ends! God bless you!

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  3. I actually felt better with the idea that we are all sinners, because then I didn’t have to decide if my behavior was good enough to be considered a good person. I just got to confess my sins and follow my Lord and Savior

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  4. none of us are perfect people – that’s why we have Jesus…

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  5. Truly amazing. It really is so hard to gasp how amazing it is!

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  6. I think your friend is more the norm in our society than the exception. As a Catholic, we have different degrees of sin (venial and mortal.) Yet, they are ALL sins and can all separate us from God’s love. It is only through His forgiveness and our repentance that we can close the gap. Good thing God is willing to continually forgive us when we stumble and fall.

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  7. It’s so true that God doesn’t leave the ransoming to others. He is the ultimate Redeemer. God’s love and grace is so absolutely astounding. I’m so thankful that my salvation doesn’t depend on my efforts. The world says I must do to earn salvation. God says through Jesus that it is done.

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  8. I love this:

    This is the meaning of Christmas. He came to call sinners to repentance.

    Yes. Christmas is the beginning of this beautiful story of Easter. 🙂

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  9. Amen! Jesus, and His forgiveness of sin, is absolutely amazing!

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  10. It’s important to remember why Jesus really came, not just the baby in the manger.

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