Prayer is Not Always What We Think It Is {Guest Post}

Ah, I’m so delighted to introduce you to Brianna! Despite living on opposite sides of the world, we were brought together through being on the launch team for Jen Hatmaker’s book ‘For the Love’.  Here she shares her thoughts on prayer – be encouraged!


Praying for our (2)


Prayer is not always what we think it is. Sometimes prayer is a wistful thought. Sometimes prayer is a look to heaven or a song on the radio. Sometimes prayer is when we’re on our knees. Sometimes prayer is really bargaining or begging. Sometimes prayer is for comfort. Sometimes prayer is for strength. Prayer can be MANY THINGS…But ONE thing PRAYER always remains is relationship.


When we pray, think or cry to God we are inviting him to hear us and us him. It’s a conversation of hearts. A building of relationship between us and our Creator. It is something to be practiced and second nature. Prayer heals us, not because it is some kind of way to get a wish granted by a Genie, but because it allows us to be real, whole, unashamed and seen by our Creator. Prayer allows us to unload our most pressured feelings…our most unholy and shameful thoughts and lay them at the feet of God of the Universe.


B George


Prayer can be done anywhere since there is no ONE WAY to do it. It can be a uninterrupted hour in a quiet church or 5 minutes in a hurried shower. It can take place over the phone with a friend or online with a stranger. Prayer is creative thought and petition, praise and thanks, song and story. It can be heard or silent, seen or hidden, sensed and felt. Prayer is powerful acknowledgement of our holy God.


So next time we are asked to pray let us not be intimidated by what it “SHOULD BE” in formula but rather encouraged by what it is… a conversation in our most precious relationship. May you experience his peace, power and joy in every thought given to him. Every prayer and petition made in song. Every whisper made in need. He hears you. He knows your voice…listen for his.




Brianna George is a Speaker, Teacher, and Missionary. She aims to encourage her readers to step out in faith and courage, despite fear. Ohio born and raised, she currently lives in Middle Tennessee with her husband of 12 years, Jason, busy being Mom to two spicy little boys and Bosa the Boxer. You can read more of her writing at



  1. Brianna,
    Thanks for your words on prayer my favorite subject. I will saY this that prayer that touches the heart of God must be deliberate and it take time to really get to know him. just like in a relationship in the natural it takes time to get to know someone. So what iam saying is you cant live on a short snack of prayer, eventually you have to sit down to the table like we will do Thursday for Thanksgiving and have a 6 course meal with the Lord!


  2. I think there is value in all kinds of prayer – the long conversation, the quick chat, the heart cry.

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  3. Very true statements about what prayer is and different types of prayer. The most important thing to me is to remember it is about a relationship and that He does hear your heart not just your words.

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  4. danahoebeke says:

    Good subject! One of the keys to prayer is remembering that praying without ceasing is like just having an ongoing conversation with God all day long. Loved your comment about Him knowing our voice and that we need to learn to know His.


  5. Amen! I’m so glad that we can have a relationship with Jesus and become closer to him through prayer.


  6. Yes! I think too often we are scared to pray because we make it into a “thing” instead of a conversation.

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  7. Our God is so good to meet us where we are, whenever we’re ready and able! It’s amazing how patient He is with us too, when we forget or rush through our prayer time. But He honours our efforts when we do set aside time for Him. What an amazing God!

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  8. i’m in a bit of that phase now where i’m making it into a “thing”….scary….

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  9. i’ve been going thru that phase where i’ve turned prayer into a “thing”

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  10. Yay Brianna! Fun seeing you here and what a great word! Prayer is being in constant communication and I totally agree that it can always look different!

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  11. Great word. Prayer is that constant conversation we get to have with our Savior. He is always there, always listening. 🙂

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  12. Kelsey Ferguson says:

    What a great reminder, Brianna, that prayer is not some script to follow but a constant conversation with our God. How awesome that He doesn’t require anything special for us to talk to Him. What a loving God we serve!

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  13. It’s so easy to rush through prayer and think about it being a relationship last. Thanks for the important reminder!

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  14. More Brianna brilliance! Thanks so much of this. I am going to reblog it.

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  15. Reblogged this on Masada Rain: The King David Project Blog and commented:
    This is such a great post, I couldn’t resist reblogging it. Thanks to Brianna George and Helen at the Home Spun Hearts blog, for a gem.


  16. I grew up in a home where your main type of prayer was prewritten by by people in the past. Conversational prayer was a part of it but not the main prayer. Ever since I dropped religion and grabbed on to relationship, it has felt more right, like how it was supposed to be. This is a great post, Brianna.

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  17. This is very good. I often pray throughout my day. Although I will admit my morning prayer time has fallen by the wayside this busy season. I need to get back to that, because I am such a better mom and wife when I have that time set aside with the Lord each morning.

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  18. <3<3<3 Amen and amen! This is a beautiful reminder!


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