5 Ways to Stay Ready {Equipping Ourselves Daily}

Life is just sometimes the hardest battle.

Days seem long and drawn.

Nights can seem just as long.

Sometimes we just feel in the thick of it and there seems to be no obvious way out.

But, there are things we can do feel less battle rich and more battle ready. As soon as we remember we are in a fight, every day, the more we can equip ourselves to face whatever life slings at us with the grace and strength and courage that God intended us to do.


Ephesians 6 10


So whether you are in the battle, facing a battle, or even if you’re on the mountain top just now, here are some practical ways for you to make sure you stay equipped so that you are always ready.

Start your day with God.


I am not a morning person. Far from it. I am always a bit fuzzy, sometimes a bit grumpy and I need to be able to sleep past 7.30 in the morning to wake up naturally.But. I’m a working mama with two children, a husband and a house to take care of and the luxury of sleeping until my body is ready is only available to me on occasional Saturdays!

Getting up early was always something I longed to do, but I never really knew how. As much as I tried, I found it hard.

Until I came across ‘Early to Rise’ by Andy Traub. I decided to commit to rising early for 30 days – each day has a challenge or motivation, a word of encouragement. It worked for me. I found the accountability, even to the book, to be really helpful.

Do I find rising early easy now? No, I don’t. But I learned quickly how valuable the time alone with God is and how much of a difference the peace and quiet made to how I felt the rest of the day.


Suit up!


Sometimes we don’t expect the battle. The Bible tells us to expect it, but we don’t think it will happen to us.

And then it does.

We face illness, sickness, the loss of loved ones, job losses and redundancies. Sadness and heartache. All of life’s trials are as likely to crash into us as anyone else. Being a Christian does not exempt us, and it is folly to ride into the day not expecting it.

Of course, it’s not always something tragic or devastating we face.

Sometimes it’s a harsh word from a co-worker, or a problem with our kids. Sometimes it’s an argument with a best friend, or a row with a spouse.

Life is wracked with trials. The big and the small.

Ephesians 6 tells us to put on the FULL armour of God. Don’t ride into battle with just your helmet. Don’t forget your breastplate!

Take time to remind yourself often about the armour of God. Its purpose in our life. Its helpfulness.

Don’t ride into the day without it!


Stand firm.


Some days are the kind of day when we could easily throw the towel in, right?

Some days we just want to crawl under a rock, or at least back into bed.

But ignoring the problems doesn’t make them go away. We have to face things head on, knowing that God is with us in everything.

2 Corinthians 12:9 tells us that His grace is sufficient.

Pray. Commit. Know that nothing is out of His control or beyond his ability.


Stick it to the fridge.


Our church has been learning a set of 8 memory verses over the course of this year. The lady who has coordinated this has made everyone a laminated sheet with 8 boxes on, and over a course of 8 months, we have been given a verse to remember.

There is power in the word. We can always find strength and encouragement from the Bible, so write it out, type it out, print it out, cut it out….laminate it if you wish!… and get it stuck to the fridge, to your dressing table, to your desk, to your laptop, on that folder, or on this pile of work.

Put the word where you can see it and remind yourself of God’s truth and faithfulness. Learn it, commit it to memory so that when the storms of life come you can call upon the One who loves you!


Stop at the end of the day.


I’m a secondary school teacher and a very common activity I do at the end of a lesson or a unit of work is to reflect back on what we have learned, on what we have done.

Commit your day to the Lord in the morning, and don’t forget Him at night.

He’s your Heavenly Father. Talk over your day with Him, sit at His feet. Unload the day’s burdens and entrust Him with the weights on your heart.

Rest at night in His presence, knowing that the same hands that crafted the universe have your life in them.


Grace and Love

Helen x




  1. I love that scripture, I’m not a morning person but I’ve been doing First5 app, I love it. Great post!

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  2. STILL finding it difficult to discipline myself to have time in the morning with Him


  3. Yes! Suit up! Putting on the full armor of God makes such a big difference


  4. Love the suit up tip. I’m currently working through Priscilla Shirer Study on the Armor of God. It’s excellent. AND wrapping everything in prayer . . . staying battle ready. Amen!


  5. Very true! Your post reminds me that we are to be ready for the bridegroom all the time. We can’t know when he will come. Thank you for encouraging words.


  6. I just discovered the first 5 app. So cool. I love it. Great post sister. Suit up!

    Brianna @unveiledandrevealed.com

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  7. I’ve always been a morning person, and I can attest that starting my day (every day) in the Word is the best way to face any unexpected challenge.

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  8. The battles are not expected. Being prepared is crucial. I have found that listening to praise music in the mornings helps to fix my mind on Christ. It calms me and reassures me that he is there with me throughout the day.


  9. My favorite is start your day with God. I can really tell when I dont’ do this – the day just isn’t as good! And because God has something to tell me each day, if I miss it, I won’t have what I need to get through the day!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. What awesome reminders! I definitely have areas to work on here, but what a God we have to always be waiting with open arms and to provide reminders like this! Thank you for sharing!


  11. I like the old tried and true scripture of “putting on the full armor of God.” It has served me well throughout the years.

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  12. I love the armor of God verses. They really show us how to be prepared. They are also great because my son really resonates with the too.

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  13. This post has blessed me SO MUCH today! I too struggle with getting up in the morning and very often fail. For years I have done my daily devotions in the evening, which works, but I am realizing that my soul craves quiet and peace first thing in the morning before a busy day of working with people. I still have a ways to go, but I’m hoping to be able to make that transition!

    I also appreciated the visual of putting on all the armor…goodness knows we need it in this sin-cursed world. I will remember that in the days ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, thank you Nicole! I also used to do my reading at night, and I think this worked for me until I realised that sometimes my days were more frantic than I’d like. It’s always been a struggle for me to get up early, it’s not easy, but it’s worth it! Thank you for stopping by!


  14. What a gorgeous blog. Thanks for a great, practical post. Following you!
    God bless you, Helen.

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  15. Love this post! This is so encouraging, I’m not a morning person either! I had not thought about the fact that I start the day with Him but making sure I end it with Him! Thank you!
    God is GREAT!

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  16. I love that you begin and end the day with the Lord! This is a must! Great points:)

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  17. Great tips. I also struggle to wake up early but if I don’t start the day with a devotion then I can feel the effects all day!

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  18. These tips are right on target! I have had more war fare then I know what to do with at times this year. The formula you right about is the only way to combat it! this is a great resource! I also found thankfulness is an important practice.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. ❤ It is absolutely so important to be turning our days to the Lord constantly! Thanks for this beautiful reminder!


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