Who to Follow When You’re Praying for Children {Part 1}

If you are a regular social media user, no doubt you have plenty of people you follow. Either because they’re funny, or wise, or encouraging…maybe inspirational. These are the people we love to follow. There’s nothing like a bit of feel-good factor in your news feed.

But in this month where we are praying for children, I want to introduce (or maybe remind you if you’re following them already!) to two particular organisations you can follow.  As you’ve probably noticed, this is only part 1 – I’ll be sharing more throughout the month, but let’s start little and often!


The MOB Society


I LOVE these guys! They are packed to the rafters with encouragement and inspiration for mothers who have boys. They are funny and interesting and their social media outlets will provide you with scriptures, resources, articles and much, much more on parenting and raising boys.

You can find them on Facebook and you can be sure to have plenty of advice for Christian parenting.Additionally, I want to draw your attention to a book that I just love. Co-founder of The MOB Society, Brooke McGlothlin has written this valuable book about praying for boys. I used it last when I went through a particularly difficult season with my son, and I found it reassuring, uplifting and really encouraging to be praying scripture for him.  It’s available on Amazon, so take a look.


Prayers for Girls


Of course, there are those of you who are praying for girls, or have daughters, granddaughters, or girls in your care, so here’s something for you too.  Prayers for Girls is a newer community but head over and support them on their Facebook page.  You’ll find lots of positive encouraging content there too.


Of course, I’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks – there are plenty of great people to follow. Who do you follow? Any recommendations and suggestions?


Grace and Love

Helen x


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