Turning to God for Answers {Praying for Children}


Last year we went on a family holiday and we were fortunate enough to be able to go to Spain. However, our travel out there was a catalogue of disasters! Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.

We had to leave a day early on the ferry from Shetland…I wasn’t packed fully and ended up packing EVERYTHING WE OWN.

The ferry left early due to poor weather so the crossing was rough…14 hours on choppy seas. Not fun.

I had a hospital appointment first on the day we were also flying to Malaga. It was running late.

Then they forgot to put my eye drops in that take 20 minutes to work.

Then they forgot about me.

Then I saw the consultant who had his chatty pants on and wanted to pass the time of day talking about playing the fiddle.

We should have been in and out in an hour…but we were still there three hours later!

Then we got into the car and drove to the airport car park. But GPS did not have the address so it literally led us up a dusty country road where NOONE parks ANYTHING.

Eventually we made it to the car park and got on the shuttle bus and then we were ready for off…still not sure we would make our flights. Of course, the driver decided to have a natter with a few folk and then saw some more holiday makers in the distance and decided to wait for them.

By this time, my nerves were frayed. Being the Queen of The Worst Scenario Always, I was tirelessly playing over and over in my mind what might happen if we didn’t make our flights.

Then my 8 year old daughter astonished me.  Calmly and sincerely, she said “let’s pray”. And with that, she closed her eyes and bowed her head, and asked in all earnestness that God would help us make our flights. Audibly. Carefully. In the middle of a packed bus full of holidaymakers. Then she raised her head, gazed out of the window and sat waiting.

Oh what lessons I could learn from this! Is this not what we want for children? To have that simple, earnest faith? To bring anything and everything before the Lord, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, regardless of circumstance? And then to sit and wait, relax and know that we have an awesome God who has heard our prayers and pleas, and will answer as He sits fit in the right time and way?

I was encouraged by this, of course, but it also motivated me to be so much more intentional with my prayers for and with my children. So, with that in mind…how can we be deliberate?


Praying for Faith


We can pray that our children will turn first to God. That they will seek Him in each instance of their life – in the good times and the bad.  We can pray that they will have the faith to lay all their burdens, cares, concerns and worries at the foot of the cross.

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5:1


Praying for Trust


We can pray that our children will bring all their needs before the Lord and leave them there with Him. That they will trust Him as their Heavenly Father to know what to, when to, how to respond. To trust that He loves and cares for them deeply and dearly.

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid. Psalm 56:3


Praying for Peace


We can pray that our children will know the peace that passes all understanding – that they will be able to rest at the feet of Jesus.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3


What ways do you pray for your children’s prayer lives?

Grace and Love

Helen x

PS, we made our flights! 😉




  1. I pray for those faith, trust, and peace too. But I also pray for Godly friendships and for their future spouse (and my kids are no where near marriage age).

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  2. wifemummynurse says:

    Wow! Your daughter had the peace of mind to say, “Let’s pray.” This story reminds me about having the faith of a child.

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  3. Beautifully written and inspiring. I pray for my children to know that they can go to God anytime and anywhere, that they know He is right there with them. I love it when I tell my kids we should pray about something (meaning later when we usually pray), but they stop right then and there and start praying. Melts a mama’s heart, as I’m sure it melts God’s heart too!

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  4. I often pray that my children will grow in faith, hope and love. The most basics of the faith seem to be most calming prayers for my mama heart.


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  5. He has all the answers…he IS the answer. What beautiful trust we can put in him.:)


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  6. I am a young mother and I know what it means to be delighted to hear your child’s prayer. We just need to be consistent in teaching them to pray through our lips and lives. 🙂

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  7. I pray that they will have a strong faith, that they will be bold in their faith, and that they will have Godly spouses.

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  8. Awww… Your daughter sounds like an amazingly special girl! ❤


  9. Marian Gordon says:

    This sounds like one our family get aways, except for the part where I forget something vital. I pray for faith, trust, peace, and that my children will flee from temptation. Thank you for this lovely reminder.


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  10. Anna - Southern Breeze Collections says:

    This is so inspiring. Oh, to have the faith of a child. Such a strong encouragement to you I’m sure. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  11. A couple of months ago I stumbled upon some free printable prayer cards by Time Warp Wife. She has a set of 31 prayers for your children and a set for praying over your husband too. These cards each include a Scripture verse and daily prayer. They’ve been a great help for me, especially when I’m out of mental strength to know what to pray after a long day.

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  12. This is a great reminder to pray for kiddos. We pray for our children to come to know God and love Him deeply. We pray for their future spouses too.

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  13. threekidsandafish says:

    What great reminders, I love the praying for peace and for our kids! So so needed.

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