Praying for Little Souls


There are some things that children accept without question.  My own children are at the age where they are aghast to learn that there are some folk who don’t believe in God. It confuses them, and they are perplexed by it because, since the day they were born, they have been told that God is real. He is alive. He is at work. He is everywhere at once. He hears their prayers and knows their deepest wishes. He made the stars and the skies and the birds and the trees and he made them too.

They unquestioningly have accepted this and, for that in this moment in time, I am grateful.

But I also know it may not always be so.

Their small lives are relatively very easy.  The major decisions in their lives are made for them. They do not need to earn their keep or calculate their spending. They do not need to fret over where their next meal is coming from, or whether or not they are to do this job, or live in that house, or date that girl or boy.

They go to sleep in safety. Their education is close to our home and free. They have hot and cold running water when they turn on the taps. They are clean and well-fed.

And for these things, I am glad and we are blessed.

But the trials will come. The storms will one day descend and rage.  Life’s uncertainties and anxieties will befall them. Hard decisions will plague their sleep.

None of us are exempt from these things.

Oh, how I wish I could wrap them snug and tight in rolls and rolls of proverbial cotton wool. How I wish I could stand guard at their minds when mean remarks and nasty jibes come their way. How I wish I could fend off every awkward moment, decision, every heartache and heartbreak.

But the truth is, I simply cannot.

I don’t even know what I would really be preparing them for if I tried!

I can’t predict, estimate or guess what their troubles may be or when they may come. I can’t determine their every step. I can’t be sure they will always make the right call or choice.

But mama, grandma, foster carer, youth worker…whatever your role, we can pray for the salvation of these little souls. We can pray that when the winds of life howl threateningly around, they would know that they can cling to the Rock that is higher than they!

As we begin this month praying for children, let’s start by praying for their salvation, that they would have a real relationship with the Living God. Let’s pray that they would know Him personally and intimately, deeply and truly.

With grace and love

Helen x



  1. I’m with you on this. It’s so important to pray for the salvation of our children, and for a faith that has a strong foundation to withstand any trial they may face.


  2. Amen! Our children’s salvation is and should, indeed be, the ultimate priority in our prayer list for them. How massive a difference it will be if they will grow knowing and loving Jesus not only as their Savior but also as their Lord. Amen! Thanks for sharing this post! 🙂

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  3. I spent so long waiting to be a mom. I never realized how much scarier life can be when your heart walks around outside your body. Praying for them and living our faith is about all we can do. I wrote about this last summer too when God spoke to me through my terrible gardening skills.

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  4. We are believing for babies and love praying for them before they are even here!

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  5. Love this. While I keep nursery at church, I take them on stroller rides (6-at-a-time) and I sing in tongues over them the whole time. I do this over my girls too. I pray for their salvation too. This is a good reminder. Thanks for writing.


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  6. and to also be praying for children in school

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  7. May all each role take their position seriouy as we teach our children who God is and isn’t. 🙂

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  8. Prayer is such a powerful tool, we need to use it more often as parents and caregivers. And yes, kids trust and believe so freely, and that is an important characteristic for me as an adult to remember instead of always questioning when deep down I already know the Truth.


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  9. We do need to be praying for their salvation right from the beginning. My children are teenagers now but I remember praying when they were just wee babes! I still pray for their continued sanctification! Great post on praying for our kids:)

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  10. What beautiful thoughts, and, yes let’s pray for all children’s salvation first and foremost and the faith and endurance to meet the trials and challenges they will more than likely face as they live out their lives in this fallen world.

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  11. Wonderful words and my most heartfelt prayer for my sweet boys (I have three!). Oh that they may become a part of God’s glorious kingdom and find Jesus–the only secure anchor for their soul.

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  12. I remember those days as a little girl, not understanding how someone could NOT believe in God or NOT go to church. It was all my life revolved around! Praying is absolutely the most important thing you can do for the children in your sphere of influence. Thanks for sharing!

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  13. I agree completely with you on the power of praying for our children. I purchased The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian when my oldest was one. Six more children later I have witnessed the power of praying and covering our children and allowing Gods perfect will to be carried out in their lives. Wonderful post.

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  14. wifemummynurse says:

    My daughter has picked up on my requests by praying for the same things (that she would repent of her sin and grow closer to God). It’s cute, and nice to realize that she hears what I pray for.

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  15. I also want to wrap my children up and safe from the hardships of this world, because you are right there is so much evil, but like you said what would that prepare them for ? All we can do is pray and teach them to stay in God’s will. Thanks for this post!

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  16. I too want to wrap my children up tightly! My mother always told me that the best weapon that you have as a Mama is prayer!! She is so right!

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