Praying for Children – A Round-up of Resources to Get You Started


So glad you are here to join us this month!

We will be taking November to pray for the children in our lives. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a parent, a grandparent, a carer, Sunday school teacher, sister or auntie…if you have little ones you pray for regularly, even if they

are expected, hoped for or running around in the background as you read this, then there is something for you!

Today I am going to start with a round up of great resources you can check out to get you started!


Printable Prayer Cards from Time-Warp Wife


Darlene Schacht at Time-Warp Wife has created these lovely daily prayer cards – click here.

I love these because there are enough for each day of the month, you can slip them in your pocket or hand bag and you can have one focus each day.  Just print and snip, hoop them at the top with a key ring and you’re good to go!


Biblical Virtues Poster


This colourful printable is really helpful if there are particular characteristics and virtues you want to pray about. Or you can just use them all, daily or take a different one each day. Click here and sign up at the blog to get this great poster.


Printable Bookmark


Maybe a bookmark is more useful to you? Something to slip into your Bible, or the book you are reading, to remind you every time you pick it up? Arabah Joy has made this lovely one, so click here.


Head-to-Toe Printable


If you’re more of a visual kind of person, then this may well suit you! Click here for a great set of prompts.


Praying Personally for Children and Teens


Susan Merrill has some suggestions here for you if you want some ways to pray personally for your child/teen. With blanks to put in the name of your child, these are helpful prayer prompts and starters, so click here.


Do you have any great resources you use? Any ideas for prayers? Share your links and ideas below!

Looking forward to this journey through November with you!


Grace and Love

Helen x


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