Heaven’s Wisdom

Yesterday we saw the first of two kinds of wisdom that James has described for us: in fact it was not an example of wisdom that we really ought to be seeking after at all. James use sharp and sobering words to explain to us the folly there is in relying on this kind of wisdom, calling it earthly and demonic.

James has been building the idea that we see in Matthew 6:24no one can serve two masters.

It is unnatural to do so. You will always serve one master better than the other, no matter how hard you try.

So it is with our tongue: we cannot sing God’s praises one minute and then speak poorly of others in the next.

But James 3 concludes with a more upbeat message, leaving us with the characteristics of godly wisdom.





Full of mercy and good fruits


Without hypocrisy

We can seek after one or the other, but they are not compatible.

Take a look today at James 3: 17-18…




Thoughts for Today


  1. How then do we go about a) ridding ourselves of foolish and earthly wisdom and b) ensuring the wisdom we have is from above?
  2. What is there to gain by being a peacemaker?
  3. What areas of your own life do you need a) God’s wisdom in and b) a more peaceable attitude or approach?

Prayers for Today


  • Let’s pray today for godly wisdom, to be steadfast in our pursuit of God.
Grace and Love
Helen x

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