Are You Ready to Read?!

If you like reading, then you might just have come to the right spot!

This month, we will be reading ‘Glittering Vices’ by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung.

So. This is how we’ll work it.

Here is a (loose) reading plan for you to follow (if you like).




At the end of each week, I’ll post some questions/ideas/thoughts and you can think on them, if you’ve managed to read the chapters that week.

At the end of reading the whole book, we’ll review it in a bit more detail together, you can share your thoughts, opinions, ideas…easy!




PLEASE don’t feel pressured to keep up with reading the chapters for the week – there is no set schedule, it’s not a test! It’s supposed to be fun and interactive, so if you get behind…no big deal.




If you would like to join in discussions, you can do so here on the blog, or you can join this reading group here.


Happy Reading!

Grace and Love

Helen x

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