Hear. Do.


Welcome to Day 4 of our study!

Today we are going to read on in James, this time looking at Chapter 1, verses 19-21.

If you’re here for the first time, then why not start here, and then come and join us!

Thoughts for Today


  1. James speaks here of two opposites – doing something with speed, and doing something slowly! There is a time to be quick and a time to be slow. How often do you think you get these muddled? What sorts of things can trigger you when it comes to getting these the wrong way round?
  2. James does not tell us not to be angry at all. Why is it important that we are angry about the right things in the right ways? What can help us in getting these right?
  3. How can reading the word, consistently and frequently, help us make right decisions about our responses?

Prayers for Today


  • Pray today for God’s wisdom and guidance when it comes to being angry about the right things. Pray that as Christians we only exhibit anger that is not reactive and dishonouring to God.
Grace and Love
Helen x

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