Wisdom & Faith {No Doubt}


Are you following our James Bible Study? If so, then you are in the right place! Today’s reading is James 1:5-11.

Start by taking some time to read the words over, meditate on them, journal them, write them out, however you find it best to digest them.

Yesterday we looked at the ‘pure joy’ we can experience through trials when we look to, lean on and trust God.

Today’s passage has us look at what we do in the face of trials and how important it is to remain unwavering.

Let’s take a look today.


Thoughts for Today


  1. How can wisdom that comes from God help us in our times of trial?
  2. How can the certainty of receiving wisdom when we ask help us when faced with life’s uncertainties?
  3. What sorts of things can come along and cause us to waver, or be tossed about by the wind? How is this a helpful metaphor in enabling us to see the harmfulness of double-mindedness?

Prayers for Today


  • What circumstances are there in your life today where you feel you could ask for more wisdom?
we should not pray so much for the removal
Grace and Love
Helen x


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