Studying James ~ Setting Goals

One great idea before we embark on studying these words in James is to take some time to consider what our goals are in doing so.  We are surely all praying that we learn more about God, deepen our relationship with him and see how He wants us to shape our lives, but what else would we like to get from this study?


Here are some ideas:

  • Learn key verses or passages
  • Improve general understanding of the Bible
  • Learn how to study creatively using a colouring chart or journaling
  • Take part in online discussions (you can do this by joining here or here, as well as commenting on daily blog posts)
  • Develop the discipline of meaningful Bible study
  • Commit to daily reading

Of course, you may have plenty of your own, but let’s take today to really consider what we hope to get, what commitments and disciplines we intend to take part in.  Take the time to write them down, on a Post-It note in your Bible, in a journal, on a piece of paper stuck to your fridge! That way, you can check back as we move forward and see how you are doing.

Has anyone got any goals they want to share? Or suggestions as to how to develop this time we spend in James?

Grace and Love

Helen x

PS, don’t forget to be reading the book of James through a couple of times this week!

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