Studying James ~ How do we study?

I wrote a post here not too long ago before we started studying Ephesians so you can take a look there.  Before I get any further, though, I want to recommend a book I have just finished reading on women’s Bible study.  It’s called ‘Women of the Word’ by Jen Wilkin, and I heartily recommend it.  It’s not a big book, but it is packed with practical ideas and suggestions; if you can get your hands on a copy, then really…do!

Jen Wilkin

Using a Bible Colouring Chart

Another tool I will be using for this Bible Study was created by Courtney Joseph who runs the Good Morning Girls studies, some of you may have done these in the past.  This particular tool I have found really helpful – a Bible colouring chart, which you can find here. This is a really effective way of focussing on the content of the passages we read.


Bible Journaling

As you can see, I’m still Bible Journaling too, using the margins of my Bible to write our, colour, decorate scripture.  There are lots of ideas on the internet if you fancy doing this; you can also check out my Pinterest board here; I’ve started saving ideas and tutorials so if this takes your fancy, then check them out too!

Notebooks, Post-Its and Other Kinds of Record-Keeping

I really love doing all the things I have listed above, but I still like a decent journal with dividers and a few pads of sticky notes.  Writing things down, answering questions in a private journal, jotting down prayers and reflections are still the things I keep at the heart of my Bible Study.

So, what about you? How do you study? When do you study? Are you an early riser? Do you draw, colour, write, paint…? We are all different, so what works best for you?

Grace and Love

Helen x

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