Serving Wholeheartedly

Serve wholeheartedly

There is probably much we could say on what today’s passage reveals with regards to what was meant by ‘slaves’ and ‘masters’.  James Montgomery Boice in his expositional commentary on Ephesians explains that “slavery was part of the economic fabric of the ancient world” and is something that has been transformed over time.  I am therefore going to take his cue with this passage that “it is the nature of the Christian’s work, not slavery, that is Paul’s chief concern”.




Thoughts for Today


  1. Paul outlines the duties of a slave as being: obedience, respect and sincerity. To what extent do you think these apply to you in your job if you work outside the home? If you work at home, how do you strive to express the same diligence in your attitude?
  2. What do you think Paul meant by ‘serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord’? How does this encourage you with any of the work you undertake, whether it be in paid employment, at home or in a church ministry?
  3. How does Paul explain how we should behave when we have authority over someone else? What is the great leveller that he applies here?
  4. In what ways do these verses challenge you when you consider the work you do?


Prayers for Today


  • Whatever it is you turn your hand to, let us all pray today that we would do so with an attitude of whole hearted service at the centre of it.


Grace and Love

Helen x

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