Just as God Forgave

As we close Chapter 4 of Ephesians, we see Paul encourage us to take action with certain actions and behaviours. Let’s read verses 29-32.


Thoughts for Today


  1. What is unwholesome talk? What different kinds of conversation do you think this could cover? What does Paul tell us to characterise our talk with instead?
  2. If the Holy Spirit is our comforter, advocate, helper and strengthener, what effects would grieving the third person of the Trinity have on us?
  3. List the words that describe what we are to be active and deliberate in getting rid of. Now list those we should be active and deliberate in doing/being. What are the differences you notice? What difference do you think there will be if we were to be deliberate in these things as Paul encourages?
  4. What does Paul leave us with at the end of these encouragements? What are we to remember to spur us on?


Prayers for Today

  • What help do we need in taking action with these characteristics? How can we ask God today to help us with any of these areas in which we struggle?

Grace and Love

Helen x


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