Your Part, My Part




These are the things Paul has encouraged us to seek to attain over these past few verses in Ephesians, and as we read Chapter 4, verses 15 and 16, we get a beautiful illustration that helps us to understand the importance of the part we play. The image of a body of which Christ is the head.

And when we think of the body, and how it works, and how wonderfully it works together, from the smallest cell to the biggest limb, we can see how important this is image is in helping us to understand the parts we play as Jesus’ church.

And look at these words that describe what happens: we are joined, and held, and supported, and built – these are the roles we play, whatever our ‘job’ or ‘ministry’ is.

So what do these words tell us about how we are to function together?

  • If we are joined, then we are in unity. You cannot walk forward on your legs and not use your feet. You cannot raise your hand to wave without using your arm. The parts of our body are unified in the way they work, and so are we to be as the body of Christ.
  • If we are held and supported then we are not just unified in thought and action, but we are helped. When we need each other, we find each other. We are different, and we have diversity, but we are there for each other.
  • If we are built then we are encouraged, we are equipped, we recognise the strengths and gifts in each other, discipling and leading each other. We have maturity.


Thoughts for Today


  1. Do you know what part you play in your local church? What is that and how could you continue to grow and develop in it?
  2. Who in your church can you encourage? Who is doing their part today who could do with some kind words or some cheering on?


Prayers for Today


  • Let’s pray today for these three things in our churches: unity, diversity and maturity.
  • If you’re not sure what your part is, then pray about this today. Ask God to show you the work he has for you – which part of the body could you be playing?
  • If you know what your role is, how can you develop in this? Ask God to show you.
  • Who can you pray for in your church? Who leads the different ministries within your church? How can you pray for them today?

Grace and Love

Helen x


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