God’s Great Plan



This week we are reading Ephesians Chapter 3, so we’ll begin today with verse 1-6.


Thoughts for Today


  1. Paul takes the opportunity to remind us that he is a prisoner – why is a good idea that we remember this as we read; who was he a prisoner for?
  2. Who is the source of Paul’s information and how did he receive it? Why is it important that we know this?
  3. By the end of these few verses, Paul has made it known how God’s great plan affects us; what difference has this plan made to you and me?


Prayers for Today


  • Today we can thank God that his plan has included us; that by the work of Christ on the cross, we have a way to Him.
  • Let’s pray today for those friends and family members we have who still do not know the Lord.


Grace and Love

Helen x

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