Built Together


What do you think of when you think of a household? People? People with a connection? A common purpose or interest? Unity and solidarity?

As the second chapter of Ephesians draws to a close, we have seen how this lavish grace is available to everyone. From any walk of life. With any past misdemeanour. From any background. There are no divisions among people that mean we cannot have the same access to the grace and mercy of God.

But you know, there’s more good news.

We get to have a slate wiped clean, a new start, a fresh lick of paint and…

…being reconciled to God means we have a relationship with him; we have access to him. He is not distant from us – his display of love on the cross was not just a one time thing that he moved on from and left us wherever we found him. We are no longer strangers and we are no longer foreigners.

And as a consequence, we become joined to each other as the household of God. Not joined together as a building – it is not our denominations or church buildings that define us; we are fellow citizens with God’s people with the common destination of heaven and the common chief in Jesus Christ. We are the building. 

But let’s look for a minute at the image of a building that is used here to explain how we are built together.

Jesus is the cornerstone – that foundation stone that is laid at the very beginning of a building’s construction, determining the structure of all the stones built around it. It is the reference point for the other stones. When we are saved, we a built into this structure – every brick has a functioning part, affecting the bricks it goes before and about, and building on what went before it.

In contrast to the temples of old, with the thick curtains between man and God, now we are the temple. God lives in us by His Spirit.


Thoughts for Today


  1. What does it mean to you today to be part of God’s household?
  2. How should these verses affect how we see people from other churches and/or denominations?
  3. In what ways do you rely on Christ as your reference point and in what ways/areas do you need to rely on him more?


Prayers for Today


  • We can thank God today for our churches
  • How are you contributing in your church? Is there any other way you can get involved in it as part of God’s family; we can ask him for guidance.


Grace and Love

Helen x


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