Reconciled through Christ

Continuing our study of Ephesians, let’s take a look here today:


This week we have already seen how we have been saved by grace alone. There is nothing we could have done that would have made it possible or made us worthy to be saved.

Looking at these next 3 verses, think about:


Thoughts for Today


  1. Paul begins by commenting on the way in which Jews and Gentiles were considered separate before Christ – by an outward distinction. Looking at verse 12, what are the 5 characteristics of their lives before Christ?
  2. To what extent does that same list apply to you before you were saved?
  3. Looking at verse 13, what does it say Jesus has done for us, regardless of who or where we were?


Prayers for Today


  • Today we can thank God for the fact that all can be reconciled to him
  • We can thank God for the blood of Christ, without which none of us would be saved

Grace and Love

Helen x

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