Our inheritance, His glory


There’s so little you get in life for nothing.  Yet the world is trying to sell us everything, beguiling us all the way so that we think we can make great gain for little return.

Have you ever received that special kind of junk mail that tells you that you are already pre-approved for a credit card? Or those emails that tell you that you have a unique-one-of-a-kind offer on life-insurance/broadband connection/you-fill-in-the-blank…or maybe letters that begin with phrases such as ‘Yours free…’ And there are TV ads that lure us into owning wide screen televisions and sophisticated sound systems for small monthly repayments…

And it always follows with…when you, after you, if you….because really there is nothing in life for nothing…

Or is there? What is this grace that Paul has been talking about? What of this inheritance? This redemption?

Surely there’s some caveat…some kind of small print…maybe a low monthly payment at a trillion per cent…

we have obtained an inheritance ~ vs11

Okay, so how did we do this? What did we sign up for? What is the interest rate on this…on this grace?

having been predestined ~ vs11

Now, hold on…isn’t that like being pre-approved? Isn’t that some kind of loophole that makes me think that I have gained something but somewhere among all this paperwork I am bound to find it…there must be a stipulation that I repay in full what I owe here…

according to the purpose of him ~ vs 11

So this is not my plan? This is something that is not dependent on my ability to repay a debt? How can it be?  There is nothing in life for nothing

And yet, these are the glorious truths we can bask in here with Paul’s words…our salvation has come about simply because God chose us for his purposes. There is no merit in anything you or I can do that will gain us favour that will save us. There are no words we can impress with, no action that we can show off with…I can’t be a nicer person, I can’t be a better role model, I can’t have a brighter personality or a more favourable attitude that will win me Heavenly Brownie Points.

I have already been chosen. God already decided before I even had the chance to take my first breaths on earth that I was going to receive this lavish inheritance through Christ.

With no small print.

With no clauses in confusing archaic language that will inadvertently fox us into a transaction with weighty consequences.

who works all things ~ vs11

We have a God who is in control from beginning to end. There is nothing that escapes his mind or attention. We are not deliberately chosen and then carelessly forgotten. God has knowledge and foresight and wisdom and purpose. Can we always see it? No, not all of the time in every way. Sometimes we can glean wisdom with hindsight, or see purpose through experience. Sometimes, life seems out of control and careering all over the place.

But this is not so. God is working all things to his purposes.

We have a God who is in control from

And in the meantime, what of us? How do we respond to this lavish grace and abundant inheritance? To this eternity written before we even began?

the praise of his glory ~ vs 12

We can rejoice, we can praise him, we can lift his name high. Our hope is in Christ and the work of the cross.


Thoughts for today

  1. What comfort can we take from knowing that we were predestined and have an inheritance in Christ?
  2. What reminders of God’s character do we get from these verses?
  3. How do these verses help us: witness to others? Rejoice in hard times? Not to be anxious about the future?

Prayers for today

  • Today, think of ways you can praise God, thinking beyond our present circumstances – how can we bring him glory today?
  • How can we ask God to help us with these verses practically? Do we need to learn to trust God more?

Grace and Love

Helen x

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