Every Spiritual Blessing {Grace & Life – A Study in Ephesians}

Welcome to week 2 of our study…this week we are going to begin reading Chapter 1 of Ephesians…if you’ve missed anything so far, you can start here: Week 1.


Each day, we are going to read and consider a few verses from Ephesians. This week’s reading plan is here.

So, let’s dive in to today’s scriptures, Ephesians 1:1-6.

Every Spiritual Blessing

My kids are fascinated with the notion that God has no beginning and no end. They are mystified – as no doubt we all are – how infinity even works when we live in a world where every aspect of our lives is finite.  We start and finish jobs, we move house and change location,we grow out of clothes, we bury pets, we throw away things when they become useless or broken.  We see the birth of babies and the death of loved ones. Everything seems to have a beginning and an end. And so much of what we know and understand depends on what we see here on Earth.  Everything else outside of that just blows our mind.

When I was at school, I entered a physics competition…now, I was no scientist, but this was an essay competition and, considering myself to be more with the words, I thought I’d give it a shot.

Well, surprisingly enough, I was one of 25 national runners up. To be honest, I can barely remember what I wrote about, but the one question I posed in my essay was this: somewhere the universe must end, and when it does, what is on the other side?

My then brain, which knew nothing of the creator God I now know, just couldn’t get past this. There must be something on the other side of the universe. It can’t just end. Even now, it still makes my brain hurt. But I’ve come to accept that there are plenty of mysteries in the world that my limited and finite knowledge will never know the answer to, at least not this side of eternity.

My kids, more able to accept that there is a creator God who knows these mysteries, have determined that when they get to Heaven they are going to ask God how it’s possible and how it all works!

And you know, my sincerest prayer is that they will be able to carry that simplicity of thought and acceptance with them through life, because as time passes, the more convinced I am that the more we do this, the more likely the non-senses of life will not bother us.

Do you think we expect much from this life? Our time on earth is fleeting, and sometimes the days seem long, but oh how sometimes the weeks fly by. Time marches on, a respecter of no-one.  And there are ways people try to prolong their lives and youth. Miracle creams and lotions, faddy diets, even crazy investments into ways of preserving our dead selves in ice until science has advanced enough to bring us back!

And in between these efforts, we live in a world that is clinging to every earthly pleasure, where we live for the here and now, and we want these brief years on Earth to be full of health and happiness and prosperity.

But sometimes life kicks and bites, and when it does, it sure can sink its teeth and boot in hard.

There are mamas with babies who die, there are children with sick parents, there are lonely people, vulnerable people, angry people, depressed men, women and children. We have a society fighting for meaning and identity, looking for it everywhere but where it can be found.

7 years ago, my husband was made redundant weeks before Christmas. The economy was crashing and the company he was working for started to buckle. When you live in a small, 2 bed flat with 2 toddlers, and your only source of income will be gone by Christmas, it’s hard to feel blessed. It’s hard to see a plan and it’s hard to see an end. Every ideal and future you had woven into a beautiful rug is yanked away and you’re left wondering how, if you are only trying to do God’s will, these things happen.

And these things do happen. Every day to every body. Our God did not promise us immunity from this world’s distresses.

But he has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing.

We might be down to our last penny, hanging by the last thread, but our eternal blessings make us rich. We have every spiritual blessing: an inheritance with Christ, that will never tarnish or fade. Our eternity is written – he knew us before the foundation of the world and he wanted us. Let this sink in. The Almighty God, the maker of Heaven and Earth chose us before the world even began.

Friend, you may be in distress today. And it’s real and it’s raw and it seems endless and purposeless. But know this. There will be a day when we are free from this world’s trials and troubles. God will make good on his promise – he’s coming back for you.

We will meet him in the airAnd then we

Thoughts for Today

  1. In what ways should knowing that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing change our lives?
  2. What areas of your life are you struggling with? In what ways can you give these situations to God?
  3. How can knowing that we were chosen before the foundation of the world affect how we see ourselves and how we witness to others?

Prayers for Today

  • Who is there in your church, family, circle of friends, who is struggling with something? How can you pray for them today?

Grace and Love

Helen  x

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