Grace and Life {A Study in Ephesians}


So, as we bring this week to a close, let’s leave ourselves with some things to think about over the weekend before we dig into the book of Ephesians.

Here’s a quick recap and a reminder of what you can do during this pre-reading week:

  • Set some goals
  • Commit to a daily reading/quiet time
  • Join in online discussion
  • Invest in a journal to organise your ideas
  • Have a go at Bible journaling
  • Learn key verses/memorise scriptures

Over the next 6 weeks, we are going to be looking at the book of Ephesians, a chapter a week. Before next week, spend a few minutes over the weekend reading Chapter 1.  If anything strikes you intially, go ahead and jot it down, highlight it, have it ready for questions and discussion.

However, before we even get to that point, let’s just remind ourselves why we are even doing this!


Look at this verse from 2 Timothy and spend some time mulling this over.  The scriptures help us to see the Lord more clearly, we can learn much from the history contained within them…but it’s oh so much more than this! Look at what it can do for us! Let’s take a few pointers from this passage:

  1. It is breathed out by God – these are God’s word to us. They were inspired by the Holy Spirit, and while they were written down by men, we should make no mistake: these are God’s words to us. There are so many great guides we can read in life – so many people have written ‘how-to’ books and ‘self-help’ manuals and surely some of these can be really helpful. But, the scriptures are God-breathed! Let that sink in for a minute – how amazing is that?
  2. It is profitable – if something is profitable, it yields a good return. An investment made leads to gain. This is what the Bible does for us – we can profit from it; it’s more than just good advice that we can maybe get some use out of. The passage says ALL of it is profitable – it is useful from cover to cover, no deletions, no additions, it is complete and completely useful.
  3. It teaches – okay, here comes the teacher in me! If you teach (well) then someone learns. We can learn facts about Bible history. We can learn about God’s character and faithfulness. We can learn about other characters in Bible history (the good and the bad). We can learn what the Lord expects from us. We can learn how to manage, exisit, cope, survive in life in a way that pleases God…there are so many things we can learn from readinf our Bibles. It is more than just a story.
  4. It keeps us on the right track – how many of you have ever changed your mind about something…a lot of hands up out there? I thought so. We are full of ideas that we have gleaned from this and that, and formulated from this and that, and decided over this and that. And not all of them are Biblical. As we make our way through the world, we have ideas that our parents gave us, that our spouses may have suggested to us, that our friends have told us…not to mention the barrage of information we receive daily through the explosion of media. And there are always times with all of us when we read something in the Bible and think…hang on…it says that?
  5. It trains us – at the end of the day, aren’t we all trying to live lives that please God? Aren’t we trying to navigate our way, calling ourselves Christians, pressing on for the prize? Well, the Bible trains us up to do this. For those of you who know  me, you’ll know I’m no natural athlete. Okay, I’m not an athlete at all.  But just over a year ago, in an attempt to conquer my athletic aversion and embark on a fitter life regime, I took up running. Okay, I meant jogging. Slowly. Okay, okay fast walking with lots of pauses. I never in a million years thought I could ever get up to a level of fitness where I could run for any length of time. Anyway, I did – I managed my first 5k and did it! But you know what, it’s a slog. It’s not natural to me. It was work and sometimes I didn’t feel like doing it. And you know what else I have noticed? If I leave it too long between runs, I slip a little. And it’s work to get back to where I was. 

And so is life with the Bible. Some days it’s easy and pleasurable, some days it’s work and feels like a slog. But if we just keep going, we are transformed. It works.

I’m so glad you’re here with me on this journey!

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s reading plan…

Reading Plan Week 1

Grace and Love

Helen x


  1. Helen, I am visiting from Susan Mead’s today. I love the name of your Ephesians study, Grace & Life! Perfect.



  1. […] Each day, we are going to read and consider a few verses from Ephesians. This week’s reading plan is here. […]


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