No Superstition – Just a Lord-Made Day

We got married on Friday 13th. Yep, we did. Friday August 13th, almost 11 years ago. And we got some pretty mixed responses when people found out, varying from nervous laughter and faces with an “ooh eek!” expression to genuine surprise. There were some people who perhaps wouldn’t describe themselves as superstitious but still of the opinion that it wasn’t worth the risk.

Thankfully, we don’t see Friday 13th that way. AND we got a lot of discounts because, in the words of florists/caterers/events managers/car hire folk – they weren’t going to get any other business that day, so they might has well give us some money off!

Not a bad day at all really.

And today as I read Ephesians 1, all I see on this sunny (where I am) March day is reason after reason why today – even Friday 13th – is a good day.

And I’m sure you might be reading this and it’s not so good for you today in many ways. Every day, Friday 13th or not, people everywhere are dealing with loss and sadness, illness and tiredness, loneliness and heartache…they don’t need a Friday 13th to have a bad day, because the 12th wasn’t great and the 14th isn’t looking too rosy either.

So let’s pause together this morning and look at these words in Ephesians.


Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ


Paul begins with this wonderful exultation, praising God for what we have in Christ Jesus: every spiritual blessing.

Whatever misery and strife we have to contend with in our earthly lives, whatever trial or turbulence passes our way, we can be sure of this – whoever is in Christ has every spiritual blessing. While some of our friends and neighbours, whether they love the Lord or not, may have health that we do not, or wealth that we do not, we can be sure of this – God has no favour when it comes to bestowing upon us these spiritual blessings, he blesses all.

Our eternity is written the same and we are heaven-bound.

And while we do not find ourselves always lifted out of hard places, we do find ourselves with what Matthew Henry calls “the best blessings”. There is nothing on earth we could strive for or earn that is better than what we have in Christ.

Today will bring its problems, sure. But let us lift our eyes past them, to the One who knows our suffering and is not distant from it, let us praise Him for the works He has done. Let us start our songs of today without superstition, but with songs of praise for an Almighty God who knows when each breath and minute is a struggle.

This is not a spooky day, or a day to watch out for ladders and black cats. This is a Lord-made day. Let us rejoice!

Let us rejoice

Grace and Love

Helen x

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  1. Helen, today is a good day because every day is a blessing from God and another day to praise His Name. Joining you in rejoicing for today from #DanceWithJesus


  2. I love the idea of rejoicing today because this is the day the Lord has made. The idea that one day is because of its number is superstitious is a way for us to feed into the world rather than God. Thank you for this reminder today!


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