Love You Mama

Go on, we’ve all done it. Maybe mostly before we were mamas, and maybe even occasionally after. Clicking tongues. Raised eyebrows. Head shake of disbelief. Quiet thoughts melded into strong, silent opinions. That all become vocalised to someone we know or trust.

I’ll never let my son/daughter do/say/wear…

I can’t believe she let her son/daughter do/say/act like…

How quickly we can triumph ourselves as experts in the lives of people we don’t know, barely know, kind of know…sometimes even when we know people really well, we become those with the solution to every unanswerable question, each problem ever encountered. Somehow we become better at living other people’s lives than even living our own.

Of course, I believe that we all gain wisdoms along the way that can help others. I strongly believe that healthy Godly discipleship is important…no, necessary. And the Internet has given us a voice. Forums and comments pages enable us to join discussions we were once never able to. We can speak with others around the globe, freely and at the cost only of an Internet connection.

But the Internet has also made us bold, and it’s made us brazen. And when we first thought we could hide behind a thumbnail sized profile picture and use our words to comment on, chastise, applaud, glorify and tear down others without even leaving our living rooms, maybe we didn’t realise what entitlement that would breed to become vocal commentators on everyone’s lives, misfortunes, mishaps, misadventures and mistakes.

And in amongst that, have we forgotten how to cheer each other on?

1 Thessalonians 5 11

When was the last time someone looked at you and your child and told you that you’re doing a great job. That sure, the toddler/tween/teenage years are tough, but hang in there Mama, because God gave you an important job when He gave you that/those baby/ies and your efforts are stellar?

Or was the last thing you heard of a different ilk? That you don’t make them sit enough, or you let them read the wrong kind of fiction? Or they aren’t disciplined enough? Or maybe they would behave better if they weren’t allowed the iPad….? Or why aren’t they wearing a thicker jumper, or  proper trainers or….yes, the list goes on and on and on.

And the words that should breathe life and encouragement have only succeeded in blowing out what little bit of flame you managed to muster as you tried to get everyone out of the door without toothpaste on your shirt and everyone’s shoes on the right foot.

We forget that behind every tired and striving mama is a woman trying to pray, provide, feed and clothe, wash and iron, clean and polish, plan and organise, shop and cook, and sometimes under difficult circumstances.

Behind the doors that close with a sigh of relief when sleeping babies are tucked away are crying mamas, sad mamas, despairing mamas, who are trying to work through ill health, failing marriages, redundancy and low incomes. Who are trying to find joy in dark moments, and trying to find grace in messy brokenness.

And just when it seems to be all pulled together, and we feel suitably prepared for the public we will encounter as we venture out, then along come the word warriors who expertly know better than you and with one word, phrase, sentence, look or tut, they undo every string you tied together to keep your family from falling apart.

But we can change this. We can arm ourselves with grace and clothe ourselves with love. We can be a generation of women who look at another struggling mama and hug her and hold her and love her and tell her she’s doing great.

We can remember we don’t know the half of someone else’s hard time or place. And remember that each mama has her own struggles and trials, and there’s a good chance we don’t have the slightest clue what they even are because that mama is trying to keep her family going.

Today, tell a mama you love her. Tell her she’s doing a great job. Tell her God sees her faithfulness and you’ll pray for her. She might do things differently to you. Yes, you might not have let your child wear that Disney Princess/Star Wars dress up to church, but every mama needs our love more than they need our ‘expert’ advice.

Keep going Mama!

Grace and Love

Helen x


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Check out my blog at


  2. Thank you for this. I am this momma and I needed this grace. Much love to you! Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup at Purposeful Faith!


  3. These are thoughts I’ve been pondering lately. I’ve been looking for ways to encourage other mommas, because, well, we’re all trying to do the best we can, right?! And building each other up does so much good.


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