30 4 15 {Starting 2015 the Whole 30 way}

Well, lots of people have shown a great deal of interest in this new way of eating I have embarked on recently. Having recently finished my first Whole 30 (and then dipping into some of the old food I used to eat, which caused me terrible grief), I’m back on the Whole 30 wagon in January!

So, if you feel like joining me, then why not check out my new Facebook page: 30 4 15. You can join in there with recipes, tips, ideas and encouragement, whether you have done a Whole 30 before or not! I will be starting on January 3rd, but you can join in as and when you like if that date doesn’t suit you!  I’ll be sharing tips and ideas, recipes and blog posts to help you on your own Whole 30 journey.

In addition, I am giving away one copy of the Dallas and Melissa Hartwig book ‘It Starts with Food’ – I found this to be a lifesaver for explaining the premise and sciencey stuff behind the program as well as recipe ideas. You can be in to win a copy by commenting ‘Whole 30’ on this post, or on the photo on the Facebook page. Giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow (New Year’s Eve, 2014) at 5pm – sorry though, this is a UK giveaway only.

Please remember I am not a dietician or a nutritionist, I’m on the healthy eating journey too.  I will be using guidance as published by Whole 9, the organisation behind Whole 30.  If you have any serious concerns about your health then you should always consult a healthcare professional.

So, here’s to a healthy 2015 🙂


Grace and Love

Helen x

It Starts with Food Giveaway - to win, comment Whole 30 in the comments sections below.

It Starts with Food Giveaway – to win, comment Whole 30 in the comments sections below.

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