30 @ 30 {My Whole 30 Journey}

So, last day came and here is my final write-up – with 30 things I’ve learned from this Whole 30.

Day 30


Breakfast: Leftover crabcakes. There’s a breakfast I never thought I’d have!

Lunch: I made a curried sweet potato and butternut squash soup with bacon bits.

Dinner: Made Thai Basil Beef from It Starts with Food, and ate this on a bed of spinach. AND, as it was the last day, I made these custards from Meaningful Eats and had a little treat after dinner. Delish 😉

So what did I learn from the Whole 30?


If you read the start of my journey, you may remember I was interested in the claim that this book, this food, can change your life. I didn’t start this as a weight loss program. I started it because I know some food products make me ill…and they’re just the ones I knew about!

So having followed the program…and yes I have made a few mistakes here and there because life is like that…here is what I have found…

  1. I started the Whole 30 with persistent, daily headaches in the mornings. These have gone.
  2. I started the Whole 30 with a sore throat most mornings. These have gone.
  3. I started the Whole 30 with stomach cramps and IBS. These have gone.
  4. I used to suffer from severe-do-I-need-to-go-to-hospital indigestion that ant-acids/Gaviscon/anything couldn’t resolve. This has also gone.
  5. I went from eating 2 meals a day, drinking only coffee for breakfast, and eating crisps and cake/biscuits daily to eating 3 meals a day, protein rich and loaded with vegetables and very little snacking.
  6. I sleep better overall.
  7. I lost 10lb, back to my pre-baby/wedding day weight 🙂
  8. I must have been carrying around 10lb of sugar every day!
  9. I am horrified, as a consumer, at how many savoury products have sugar added to them.
  10. I understand the value of reading all my labels.
  11. Sugar is not my friend.
  12. I’m wearing a belt again for the first time in 9 years.
  13. I feel more confident about what I’m wearing – I’ve started to tuck shirts/t-shirts/tops in again.
  14. I used to feel sluggish and foggy mid-late afternoon. This has gone.
  15. The right kind of fat means that fat does not make you fat (see number 7 for proof).
  16. Calorie counting is a waste of time, because it doesn’t pay attention to nutrient density.
  17. This way of eating is sustainable – I have made meals for other people outside my family that are Whole 30 compliant and they have gone down very well!
  18. Quality of meat matters.
  19. Buying from the local butcher costs more, but we eat better, eat leftovers and throw less away now.
  20. Making your own stock is awesome. And easy. And doesn’t contain unnecessary additives and sugar.
  21. It is possible to make a cake and not eat it 😉
  22. It is possible to feed my whole family in this way and have them devour their meals.
  23. It is possible to not only say no thanks to biscuits, but it’s also possible to give up eating a whole packet in a day (yes, I really did sometimes do this).
  24. I need to be careful with fruit – I do eat it, but limit it.
  25. I don’t miss puddings.
  26. I gain satisfaction from taking control of sugar cravings I used to have.
  27. I can now make tons of great recipes, packed with flavour and nothing artificial in them.
  28. I feel better educated about food and the effects food can have on your body.
  29. I haven’t followed a faddy diet for a month, I’ve changed the way I eat forever.
  30. To quote the creators of this program: “The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options.” (It Starts with Food, p12).

You can look back at my food diary/journey here.

If you’re thinking of trying it, then try it. After all, it’s only 30 days.

Grace and Love

Helen x


  1. Well done. Having been through the Whole30 myself I can endorse all the things you listed. Actually we finished the 30 days at the end of October but we have stayed with the meals and menus and have no desire to go back to the processed, sugar packed, dairy packed, wheat packed diet we used to devour in the belief that we were eating healthily.
    Great job Helen.


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