My Whole 30 Journey {Days 13-17}

Well, if nothing else, I started this next 5 days in the zone. Don’t want/need cake. Don’t want/need biscuits. Still impressed I have gone this long with zero sugar in my diet. If you’re sitting there thinking – I couldn’t give up sugar, well, the answer is yes you could! If I can do it – she who ate a cake a day – then so can anyone.

Here is my 5 day round up.


Day 13


Breakfast: Still finding breakfasts the hardest. This morning was Sunday, so I was in a get-the-family-out-on-Sunday-school rush, so all I grabbed was a banana. Not ideal, but true.

Lunch: Well, this is why Whole 30 is a completely sustainable way of eating. Today we had a family round for lunch, four more non-Whole-30 eating people. And I fed everyone the Whole 30 way (apart from I made everyone else a pudding 😉 )

I made:

Tarragon chicken

Basil Beef

Mashed white potatoes

Baked sweet potatoes

Roast butternut squash with orange and cinnamon

Steamed carrots and broccoli

And everyone cleared their plates.

That’s why I love this ‘diet’. I can eat well. My family can eat well. And you can have people for dinner and make them something nice without compromising your commitment to the plan.

And, when it came to pudding, I made a caramel apple crumble, and in honesty I would have liked a piece, but I was able to serve it and sit with everyone without caving. I felt ok about that. After all, if I want a caramel apple crumble in 17 days then I can make one!!

Dinner: Ate a quick fried egg and a couple of pieces of bacon. More for speed and ease rather than anything else.


Day 14


Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs this morning. 

And it went downhill from there!

Today I just didn’t feel like making anything or eating anything. Nothing inspired me and so, while I didn’t break the program rules in terms of content, I didn’t eat well either and didn’t balance my plates very well. So, in the interests of not having you gawp in horror at what an awful diet today was, I’ll spare you the details of today’s meals…

I suppose we get days like these even on a Whole 30!


Day 15


Half way!! Woohoo! 

A much better day today!

I put a slow cooker of beef bones on last night to make stock. This is my favourite thing to make at the moment. You need stock? I’ve got a freezer full…Delicious!

Home made stock - what's not to like? ;)

Home made stock – what’s not to like? 😉


Breakfast1 fried egg, parma ham and avocado. A nice change and I was so pleased to find parma ham is Whole 30 compliant!


ham and avocado


Dinner: As it was only me and husband eating together tonight (kids did eat, don’t worry, they just ate earlier), we pushed the boat out and had some steak. Pan fried with steamed vegetables and an egg. 



Snacks: Ate the usual piece of fruit today and found some dried berries and seeds snack packs from Tesco so had half of one of them (a closed handful that’s all).

How I felt after day 15

Well I was hoping for a greater sense of jubilation than what I actually got! Being half way is an achievement, but I think the berries and seeds mix upset my stomach. I sometimes get this very sharp pain at the bottom of my ribs on the left. It passes quickly but it’s very painful. Now, I’ve not had this since I started the Whole 30, and the only new thing I have had is this mix, so I am wondering if the dried berries maybe didn’t agree with my insides…?

On the plus side, to have regular discomfort and realise when it comes back that it had gone was a nice feeling. So no more snack pack dried berries and seeds for me!!

Day 16


Well, past the half way mark, and I’ve suddenly become bored with food. I made the kids some garlic bread for dinner tonight and I just wanted a piece…resisted though! 😉

Breakfast: Couldn’t face eggs so only managed a banana today, but I was hungry by 11.30.

Lunch: Mashed sweet potato mixed with rosemary and bacon (found here}, with wet-sauteed mushrooms sprinkled with chives and balsamic. Pretty tasty and quick to make.

Dinner: I froze some of the lamb curry I made last week, so a quick defrost and that heated up nicely. Just had a big bowl of it on its own.


Day 17


Okay, so I’m still struggling with breakfast! I can’t find half an hour to make myself a breakfast first thing in the morning. Eggs have lost their appeal and the only thing in the fridge is tarragon chicken which, quite frankly, does not appeal to me as a breakfast at all!

Breakfast: I had fruit this morning; banana and orange.

Lunch: Parma ham, avocado and a fried egg.

Dinner: Last time I made chilli beef, I had a lot left to freeze, so I defrosted that and it more than fed the 4 of us!


I feel like I have gone off my food a bit this week; that might be because of other factors in my life. I was grateful for frozen meat this week and batch cooking is certainly the way forward! Being able to pull a good, cooked meal from the freezer was a blessing, so I’ll be taking account of that next week!

My skinny jeans aren’t so skinny anymore, and my stomach cramps have gone 🙂


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