My Whole 30 Journey {Days 8-12}

So, into week 2…

In terms of general health – my jeans are looser for sure. I’m still tired in the mornings, but I have not had the same foggy-mid-afternoon-must-sleep-or-die feeling. Towards the end of Day 7 I felt great and Day 8, I felt positively lively! I’m also feeling less hungry between meals. When I eat fruit, it’s not usually out of hunger, but because it just looks good! I’ve also found that to avoid any evening comfort eating, if I just brush my teeth early on in the evening, then I feel less inclined to bother looking for food because, well I’m just too lazy to brush my teeth twice in one evening for the sake of a small orange!

So here’s my food round up:

Day 8


Breakfast: Found this a while back – lovely recipe: Sweet Potato, Apple and Pancetta hash. Awesome.


Lunch: Made a beef soup for lunch; recipe in It Starts with Food. Hearty bowl, no bread required 😉

Dinner: Dinner was great – Deconstructed burgers – beef, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, peppers, home-made vinaigrette for the salad. Also served it with some green beans drizzled with home-made pesto.


Snack: A couple of figs and a banana.

Day 9


Made Chicken stock today. Whole chicken in the slow cooker with lots of herbs, garlic, onions, peppercorns, sea salt, carrots and celery, topped up with water.  Cooked it on low for 6 hours and then strained it – made 4 litres of stock. I shredded the chicken to make a dish tomorrow 🙂

Also, made cake again for house group – didn’t even want a piece – vanilla cake with strawberry frosting…yep, just didn’t even want to taste it!

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs – kept it simple today. Yes, coffee. Assume there’s always coffee!

Lunch: Leftover beef soup from yesterday.

Dinner: Lamb stew, boiled potatoes, broccoli. I could have had mash, but my husband and kids like their mash with milk and butter, so I scooped a couple out for me before I mashed them up. 

Snacks: Finding my need to snack is decreasing. I had a banana and a satsuma at different points of the day.

How I felt after Day 9

Well, I have come to the conclusion that I need to drink more water. I have felt thirstier than usual, and I’m actually not a fan of water! It makes me feel bloated, and it’s just tasteless. However, I drank 2 large glasses over about an hour and a half and the nausea went. Need to get better at this so am knocking a cup of coffee off a day and replacing with water.


Day 10


Breakfast: Made mini egg frittatas this morning. Whipped some eggs through a hand blender, added salt and pepper and poured into muffin cases. Added some spring onions, baked and voila. Ate 1 and a banana.

Managed 2 large glasses of water between breakfast and lunch – woo hoo!

Lunch: Made a Morrocan Chicken dish out of the leftover chicken. Ate it with a small baked sweet potato. 

mor chick

Dinner: Prawn curry – easy and quick. Onion, curry powder, tomatoes, home-made stock, green beans and prawns. I ate this on a bed of spinach.

prawn curry

Snacks: Just a few dates and figs today.

How I felt after Day 10

Drank a lot of water today. This is not like me at all, so I am pleased because I have always wanted to be better at drinking water.


Day 11


Breakfast: Back to old eggs and bacon today. Boring but true.

Lunch: Whipped up a bit of chicken soup – still had leftover chicken from the other day’s slow cooked effort, so added some onion, carrots, asparagus and chicken to my home-made chicken stock. Seasoned it well – delicious 🙂

Dinner: Well, dinner could have been very difficult for me today because we were going to a bring and share dinner at church. Fortunately for me, it’s baked potatoes and fillings, so I made a lamb curry that I can eat as well. So that was it – baked tattie, lamb curry and a nice side salad!


Day 12


Brunch: Thanks to a slow and lazy Saturday morning, I didn’t manage to distinguish between breakfast and lunch. So I made myself a sweet potato and pancetta hash.

Dinner: Made slow cooker mince and tatties – husband’s favourite. Steak mince, onions, mushrooms, carrots, garlic, threw some asparagus in that I had left over. 500ml of beef stock and the mixture reduced over the course of the day, so it didn’t even really need thickening with gravy. I ate mine with sweet potatoes. Everyone else had mashed white potatoes (which I know are permitted but I am just limiting at the moment due to my fairly sedentary lifestyle).

Snacks: Had a couple of medjool dates and a banana.


So far, it’s going fine. I’m in the zone now and can pass up on cakes etc without too much effort, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

Headaches have passed but I have a sore throat in the mornings still, feel a bit clogged when I first wake and my nose can be a bit runny. No stomach twinges for a few days either.


Are you doing or have you done a Whole30? Any recipes to share? 😉


Grace and Love

Helen x


  1. These food actually looks so enticing and sinful! So if they look (and most probably taste) good but help me be healthier, I think it’s a win-win situation. I’m happy for your progress. Go for gold!


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