My Whole 30 Journey {Days 4-7}

Well, so far so good…or at least I thought, made a little mistake on Day 4 – not catastrophic but one I will avoid now for the next 25 days!

Day 4


Breakfast: So bacon and eggs for breakfast every day soon loses its appeal – I LOVE bacon and don’t want to put myself off it, so thought I’d make something different…but then, I overslept and had to get the kids out of the door, and so did a quick Google and found a banana pancake recipe – 1 egg, 1 banana, blitz it and cook in coconut oil like any other pancake. Easy and tasted good.

However, I discovered after that the Whole 30 rules say no pancakes – sigh. Here’s why:‘Can I Have Guide’.

They tasted great and I only needed 3 of them. But, I do get the reasons why I should avoid them, so back to square 1 with breakfast variation. I’m finding this the hardest meal because a) I never used to eat breakfast and b) the idea of eating beef mince for breakfast grosses me out.

Lunch: Ate the leftover chilli from the other day, on spinach with olives and avocado. Delicious and satisfying.

Dinner: Made the Chicken Tarragon from ‘It Starts with Food’. It was really good. I served it with sweet potato mash and asparagus. Whole family devoured it! 😉

Snacks: Snacked on an apple and a banana today. 

How I felt after Day 4

To be honest, I’m not feeling much different yet. I am still tired, and I am still waking up with headaches. I still have a sore throat first thing too. But, it’s early days. I have a strange feeling in my stomach; not hunger as much as just different…probably my stomach doesn’t recognise feeling satisfied on non-processed, sugary foods with empty calories! 

Still having tweaky cramps in my stomach.

Day 5


It was Saturday today so I didn’t rush to get up. I had breakfast a bit later today, but I do enjoy my leisurely Saturday mornings! And…NO headache!! However, at the same time, I didn’t feel too great either – too much sleep??

Breakfast: 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, 2 rashers of bacon. Have been researching all day for different breakfast ideas and am going to have to just try and eat some kind of cooked meat not usually associated with breakfast!

Coffee as usual – always coffee… 🙂

Now, by around 1pm, I surprisingly had those feelings that I get when I eat cereal for breakfast… although not shaky so much as clammy. This surprised me because I hadn’t eaten anything that I didn’t think I could. It was only when tidying around the kitchen I noticed that the card that wraps around the bacon packet was still on the counter. I picked it up to toss it, but just quickly looked at the ingredients…SUGAR! I was so annoyed!

I had bought two packets of bacon, one smoked and one unsmoked. As I prefer smoked, I had read the ingredients when I had shopped, there was no sugar, so I took one pack of smoked and one unsmoked – same brand, same packaging, but the unsmoked contains sugar *sigh*.

Better label reading required from now on…

Lunch: Baked sweet potato on a bed of spinach with prawns, black olives and an avocado dressing from ‘It Starts with Food’.

prawn salad

Dinner: Second mistake of the day: I made a Thai Basil Beef dish from ‘It Starts with Food’ and ate it with a stir fry. Because the stir fry was prepacked, it contained baby corn – a no no on the Whole 30. Corn in any form is off for Whole 30 – I knew that I couldn’t have it as a grain, but didn’t realise that the same was true for a vegetable. Again, innocent enough mistake, but maybe time to review the shopping list!

Chilli beef

The delicious Thai beef with the offending baby corn!


Snacks: I had a few satsumas here and there.

How I felt after Day 5

Well, interestingly enough, I was irritable all day. I had no headache or any other particular issues.  But boy was I irritated. All day. Eventually, after near biting a family member’s head right off, I went to Google to see if maybe feeling bad tempered and snappy was normal – well, what do you know, they have called Days 4-7 ‘Kill All Things’! So yes, irritability is normal! However, not very pleasant, so I’m glad it’s shortlived!

Day 6

No headache again – no noticeable bad mood on waking!

Breakfast: So, in  the interest of breakfast variation, I did it today. I ate beef mince for breakfast! I had the leftover Thai beef from last night with a fried egg on top. It was surprisingly ok – did a bit of research on breakfasts and, while bacon is Whole 30 acceptable (as long as it’s sugar free -ha!), it’s not recommended to eat it every day, so beef mince it was. I need to re-educate my brain and how it thinks of breakfast. However, this was ok, I managed it.

Lunch: Today I made Italian Chicken – very simple: chopped and seasoned chicken in tomatoes. Served with baked sweet potato and mushrooms, wet sautéed and then seasoned with balsamic and chives. Whole family ate this and loved it.

Dinner: Made a Greek lamb dish – lamb mince, seasoned, with tomatoes, green beans and courgettes – this will be breakfast tomorrow, as there are lots of leftovers.


Greek Lamb – yeah, I know, I’m no food photographer 😉


Snacks: Satsumas – 2 maybe.

How I felt after Day 6

Well, less irritability today – although I sometimes grind my teeth in the night and have started doing that again. Don’t know why…

My jeans feel a little looser.

More success with the food choices, so I am happier today. Some stomach cramp twinges on an off, but generally speaking felt ok.

Went to bed early – new rule this week in the interests of trying to get up earlier and feel less tired : lights out by 10.


Day 7


Woke up with no headache, although throat a little raw, but this wore off. Also managed to get up at a reasonable time.

Breakfast: Was all set to eat the leftover lamb mince, but couldn’t face it. Back to trusty bacon and eggs. Coffee of course, of course.

Lunch: Leftover lamb mince – that’s all gone now. That reheated nicely.

Dinner: I made sausage patties – recipe here. Just substituted the oil for coconut oil. Served with a green salad and vinaigrette (homemade), sweet potato fries and green beans. Again, devoured by whole family.

Snacks: A couple of dried figs and a banana.

How I felt after Day 7

 Well, no bad mood – no doubt my family is relieved. Glad that passed sooner rather than later.

Also, no afternoon slump – no desperate desire to sleep suddenly mid afternoon – yeay!

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that today was the day I actually felt good 🙂

 Grace and Love

Helen x

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