Small Diamonds

When my husband decided to ask me to marry him, he started doing some research into rings and diamonds. Shapes, sizes, cuts, weight, clarity…after all, when you are making an investment into something this life changing, you want to get it right. Right?

And there is a lot to consider. There are counterfeits and knock-offs, fraudsters out to make a quick deal, and that’s before you even consider what you like and what you want to spend!

My engagement ring is the most precious and expensive item I own. It is a symbol of love and commitment, and it is forever. But a ring is so relatively small and insignificant! There are lots of things round and about my house that take up far more space, clutter drawers and cupboards, but the scale and size, bulk and placement of them does not make them the most valuable.

And this got me thinking.

I’d been struggling with a transition I had recently made. One from a well-recognised reputation as a professional to turning my hand to something I feared would be so insignificant no one might even notice its existence.

I began to fear that the difference I so longed to make in my new line of work would not be as successful as the position I had previously left. I started to worry that what I was doing was tantamount to tossing a grain of sand into the depths of the ocean. Who would ever see the ripples? Would it even make ripples?

But you know what? God sees. He sees everything we do, and when we do it for His glory, it will not be wasted.


Small offerings


Luke 6 tells us about the boy with five small loaves and two small fish. See what the descriptors are here? Small. Five loaves and two fish is always likely insignificant when there are five thousand people to feed, but when they are small as well…now that just seems to add to the insignificance of them!

But these small offerings were not insignificant to Jesus. They were exactly what He needed. Without any effort, He took the fish and “distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted”. See what happens here? It wasn’t that everyone got a morsel, or enough to satisfy a rumbling belly for a few minutes…they got as much as they wanted.

Jesus was not concerned with the quantity or size then, and He isn’t now.

Wherever you are today, whatever your situation, your offering to Him, when it is for Him, has eternal significance. When we judge our success and significance by the world’s standards, a number of things can happen.

  1. We take our eyes off Jesus – when we forget to keep our eyes on Jesus, we fix them on ourselves instead. Then we forget who He is. Then what often follows is weariness and emptiness because we have forgotten to rely on the One who can do so much more than we can ever do by ourselves.
  1. We miss the miracle – if that young boy had taken his loaves and fish off by himself, what do you think might have happened? Well, to begin with, Jesus would have been able to continue without him. He didn’t need the young boy and his food. But that boy would have missed the miracle. If we don’t give Jesus everything we have…no matter how small and insignificant we think it is, then who knows what we might miss?

So wherever you are today, raising children, working away at a job you might not even like, serving your church in the small ways…your work for Him is not wasted and it is not unnoticed. What we turn our hands to might not have global significance, but with God, it can have eternal significance and that is as precious as small diamonds.

Grace and Love

Helen x

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