Why I’m Going Whole 30

I don’t think anybody would disagree with me when I say we all know there is a relationship between what we eat and what happens to our bodies.

The wrong things make us gain weight – but likely taste very nice…and the right things can make us healthy and nourished.

I have also long believed there is more to that relationship than weight gain or non-weight gain. I know, for example, that I cannot tolerate dairy products. Anything that contains a milk derivative (yeah, ice-cream, pizza, cheese, chocolate *sigh*) gives me headaches and a crampy stomach. I’m not allergic to milk, I have tested clear for milk allergy, but I know when I feel good and when I don’t, and I notice the difference when I consume products that contain dairy.

So, three years ago I gave up chocolate. And cheese. And icecream. And the headaches went. And sore throats went. And the change helped me stay off them for the most part. There are some pretty acceptable alternatives these days and so I have managed to satisfy what sweet tooth I have with soya/rice/almond products.

So far so good.

But I also have a list of minor … I’ll call them ailments for want of a better word … as long as my arm. Nothing that keeps me bedridden, and I never feel particularly ill. BUT… I rarely feel great either. For example, I occasionally suffer from a severe bout of indigestion (severe being a mild term to use here). And crampy stomachs, and sinus pain, and a foggy feeling at times of the day when really I should be super alert and raring to go.

And like with the milk product thing, I got to the point where I thought…there must be a way of solving this without taking paracetamol for the rest of my life.

I began by taking up running. I ran my first 5k a few months ago and decided being fitter would help me. And it has helped in some ways. When I run, I feel better, I feel more energised, and I feel less like eating junky food.

But running didn’t solve a lot of my other health issues.

And a few months ago I came across Whole 30 (click the link, it explains it better than I ever could). And I started a board on Pinterest and began to collect Whole 30 meal and recipe ideas.

And this caught my eye because while this notion has remained with me that there is a relationship between food and the way our bodies function, I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t know how to eat better, what to change, what to keep the same, what even the problem was with me or how to find out.

So I’ve read a bit, pinned a bit, I now own It Starts With Food, the book that explains the premise behind Whole 30, and I am raring to go.

So for the next 30 days, I will be reading and reviewing the book, sharing what I have eaten, providing links to recipes and, where I invent my own, sharing them too, and seeing whether or not Whole 30 can help me change my life in the unexpected ways the book claims it can.

If you have completed a Whole 30, or if you are going to join me along the way, join the discussion! Has it made a difference to you?

Grace and Love

Helen x



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