Wind-Proof Pegs {Who’s Holding on to Who?}

It’s a windy day here today. That is commonplace up here. I’ve never experienced wind like it. It’s strong and powerful and relentless…and I’ve taken my laundry out and hung it on the line. I nipped out quickly for some lunch and I wondered if it would still be there when I got back, flapping horizontally in the wind.

I remember when we first moved up here, my mother-in-law said to me, you’re going to need wind-proof pegs.

Wind-proof pegs.

What in the world are wind-proof pegs? Are pegs not pegs? Well, it would seem not.

What an invention.

And did I need them? Well, yes I did. I spent some time in those first weeks of living here looking outside and seeing a vacant spot half way along the line. What was there? Oh yes, a pair of jeans. Well, where are they now? Well, they were further away than you would imagine.

So I ran in and out, scooping up bits and pieces here and there and, well, yes, they needed washing again.

Yeah – I needed wind-proof pegs.

So, a week or two later, my mother-in-law appeared with a bag of them.

And wind-proof pegs – what makes them wind proof? They grip hard, they have a good solid grip. Once they’re on, they’re on…in fact there were times when I couldn’t even get them off! They don’t have fancy little springs that clip them on and off your washing. No, these babies are wind-proof.

And I have stood outside today, feeling the tug of the wind, doing the most mundane of chores. And it’s rocked my world.

You see, I think somewhere along the way, I have been that laundry. Flap, flap, flapping in life’s trials. Feeling the weight of my own burdens and cares, letting the winds of life drag me here, there and everywhere. And I had forgotten who was holding on to me. And instead of remembering that in the fiercest of storms, we have an anchor, someone who does not let go, I have fought to get loose.

I don’t want these trials.

I don’t want these difficulties.

I don’t want to feel battered in all directions.

I don’t want to feel overcome, overwhelmed, overburdened.

So I have been fighting. Fighting to get loose. Fighting to get free of life’s strong winds.

And I forgot this:

Isaiah 41 13


You see, we’ll never get free of life’s strong winds. Not on this earth. Even when one wind goes and we have those moments of calm, when we can hardly even detect a breath of a murmur on the surface of the water, then somewhere brewing in the distance is another one.

Believing in God does not mean I am exempt from life’s hardships, being a Christian does not allow me to sidestep the queue marked trouble and take a plain sailing route.

More, it means this:

It means I have wind-proof pegs. I have One who holds tightly to me, even when I am fighting loose from Him. He is there, holding my hand, saying to me “fear not, I will help you”. And all the while, when we’re listening instead to the storm, letting the wind overtake us, drowning out God’s word to us, trying to break free – well, it does us no use at all. All that happens is, we end up somewhere messier, needing a good clean again. Not free, just more bedraggled and more worse for wear.

And if we would just let go of fighting the storm. If we would just let go of thinking that we can wriggle free to a better place, then what freedom would we have to let the wind rush through and by, knowing all the while – I am secure, I am held by one who has control, I will not be overcome.

If you’re in the storm today, remember this. The Lord knows your battle and He knows your pain. He sees what you do not and cannot see. Let go of the fight and trust Him. He’s holding on to you.


Grace and Love

Helen x

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