Real Hope for Marriage

I do love a good book. I’d call myself an avid reader. One of my greatest agonies in life is having a huge stack of books and not having a huge stack of book-reading minutes.

I’ll read all kinds of books. I like fiction if it’s powerful and real. I like books that are a little more scholarly when I’m feeling studious. I can enjoy a biography here and there. But my favourite books – the books that I love the most – are the ones that take biblical truths and make them practical.  Books that help me live the way God intended. Not in a pie-in-the-sky-wow-how-unattainable kind of way, but in an honest, realistic, down-to-earth way. Books that speak of real struggle but set against the transforming power of God’s word. You know the ones? Books that make you walk away determined to make changes to your own life, for God’s glory.

Messy Beautiful Love is one such book. Darlene Schacht’s ability to weave together the truth of scripture with personal – often painful – experience and practical living, makes ‘Messy Beautiful Love’ a read that is charming, funny, honest and real all at the same time. But not without a hearty dose of scripture sprinkled throughout and the gentle, persistent reminder that our reason for being is to glorify the Lord above all else.

The book starts with a story. A real story of a marriage falling apart. And it continues with how God redeemed that marriage and demonstrates how with Him all things are possible.




In amongst the reality of Darlene’s story are countless insights and genuine pearls of wisdom to help you build a strong, healthy, Christ-centred marriage.




As well as being scriptural and practical, Messy Beautiful Love is authentic. The writer’s voice is strong and personal, as she uses illustrations and examples from her own life. These are the things we relate to; there is a real person behind this book, who has had real struggles and is driven by a real desire to serve Christ. Because of this, she is credible. Because she is credible, we can know there is much wisdom to be gained from her experiences.


So, is this book for me?


This book is for you if marriage is anywhere on your radar. If you are married, engaged, hoping to be married, praying for a husband, then this book is for you.

If you are in a marriage in trouble, this book is for you. If your married life is presently content, this book is still for you.

Because, life is hard. And even though we have good days, and weeks, and months, we do not live without trial. Some days, we need all the help we can get.

This book will bring you biblical insights, challenges and prayers to help strengthen your marriage. It’s food for thought and it’s an urge to change, to keep Christ at the centre of marriage, to embrace your role as wife/wife-to-be/wife-in-waiting, to hold tight to the Lord and choose His path.



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