A Raw Cup of Kindness {Day 5}

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Day 5 – {Kindness in our Small Corners}

There was a lady.  I didn’t know her but I saw her often.  She had a laborious job.  Not a difficult job, but very likely a thankless one.  I would smile.  She would not.  Her eyes would shift past my shoulders and she would become intent on something in the distance. Eventually I felt like there was really no point in smiling.  It made no difference.  So I stopped.  We didn’t exchange glances and my smiles ran dry.

I am not called to be like this.

Jesus did not die so I could pick and choose the worthy.

One day I decided to take her flowers.  You cannot put a price on the smile it made.

You cannot put a price on the difference one act of kindness might make in someone’s world

We don’t have to do grand things.  We do not need to be extravagant and spend in excess.  It is not necessary to be showy and brash.

Whatever small corner of the world God has placed us in is an opportunity.  It is a chance to make a difference.

This is one of my favourite bible verses:

Prov 3 3

Something that is bound and written has permanence.

Bind kindness around your neck.  So that it’s everywhere you go.  So that it’s something you will always see.  So that when other people look at you, they see it.  The kindness in you is evident to everyone.

And write it in your heart.  Let it be pumping through your veins, so that it’s inextricably bound up in who you are.

Let your kindness be raw.  Let it be open to making a difference in unlikely places.  Not overcooked, burnt up with bitterness and anger, irritation or annoyance, because the people in our world need to know that God is real and He has sent us to tell them.

God bless you all this weekend.

Grace and Love

Helen x



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