A Raw Cup of Kindness {Day 4}

Kindness banner

Day 4 – {Kind Deeds}

Kindness is overwhelming.  If we all thought kind thoughts and used kind words, what difference do you think we would make?  I think we could make a big difference.

But I think we could make a BIGGER difference if what we DID spoke the same volume of kindness.

Having someone do something kind is, for some people, a rare treasure.

How many people live in our neighbourhoods and communities gripped by loneliness?  How many people attend our churches and sure, they seem all right, but they go home to empty houses and they’ll have no company until next Sunday rolls around again?

Being kind might be the hardest one of all.  I can think kindly in the comfort of my own home.  I can speak with kindness when I happen upon people who cross my way.  But being kind…well, that requires effort.

It means making a casserole for the young couple with the new baby.

It means visiting an elderly neighbour and drinking tea with laughter in our voices and love in our hearts.

It means inviting folk in to your home for a hearty meal, even though they’re not your best friends.

It means ironing a pile of clothes for the lady who just lost her husband.

It means DOING.  It is love in action.

Galatians 5:22-23 lists all the ways God, through the Holy Spirit, works in us.  How will people know we belong to Him?  Because we will bear this fruit:

Galatians 5 22 23


When we are kind, in the way we set our mind, engage our mouths, and use our skills and gifts, our time and energies, we say something to other people about God.

Being busier doesn’t make us better Christians, but taking time to act in kindness, to be kindness, to do something kind for someone else, does say this to people:

God is alive and at work in me.  And He loves you too.

Grace and Love

Helen x


  1. Helen Daniels says:

    A very important point beautifully explained. Thank you!


  2. Joyce reid says:

    I aggree. Its so easy to be nice to your friends and family. As we look around the fellowship and outwith it it,there are people we could bless with love in action.


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