A Raw Cup of Kindness {Day 2}

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Day 2 – {Kind Thoughts}

Hmmm.  This one might be a strange one.  How does thinking kind thoughts help us to be kind to other people?

Today, let’s look at the power of our minds and how starting with how we think can influence what we do.

Our minds are amazing.  Our brains are amazing.  Think about all of the world’s wonderful inventions and creations and how they came from someone’s mind.

Beautiful paintings, awe-inspiring buildings, remarkable inventions…all of these things are the result of what someone’s mind can do.

But there is a dark side to our minds too.

Has your mind ever been filled with terror when you have waited for news you are pretty confident will be bad?

Or filled with anger because someone you care about just said the.worst.thing?

Or has it ever been drowned with self-doubt or self-pity to the point where you feel utterly overwhelmed?

The same mind that can convince you that you are sinking fast can create symphonies and architectures.  The same mind that can persuade you that you have no worth or value can invent something indispensable and unique.

And this is the same mind that can affect the way we treat others.

Philippians 4:8-9 tells us to think in a certain way.  To think about things that have very particular qualities:  things that are









Phil 4 8

But why?

Because when we think thoughts that don’t fit into these categories, it will affect our ability to make the right kinds of decisions about anything.

Have you ever obsessed over something?  I have.  At the moment, I am undergoing a recurrent investigation into my right eye as my optician picked up a mark on the back of it.  Every nine months I have to see an opthalmology specialist who makes sure it isn’t growing or changing.  But the first time I had my appointment (which I have to travel 371 miles to attend) boy, did I obsess over it.  What if it was malignant? What if I needed treatment?  What if I was to lose my sight?  What if…what if…what if…and it affected EVERYTHING.  When my mind obsesses over things that are not lovely, or pure, or excellent, I become a melting pot of raw, uncontrollable emotions that overtake EVERYTHING.  How I deal with people.  How I speak.  How I sleep.  And then, how lack of sleep makes me irritable and the people in my life bear the brunt of that.  It becomes easy to be unkind in dealing with the barrage of incidents that each day brings.

Have you ever been unspeakably angry?  Or overwhelmed with sadness?  Or swamped with just the stuff of life?

They all yield the same results.

Obsession.  Anger.  Bitterness.  Unforgiveness.  Sadness.  Stress…the list goes on.  When these things occupy our minds, our hearts are weighed down and heavy.

Luke 6:45 tells us that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

Our thoughts are crucial.  What goes on in our minds will somehow present itself through our words and actions.

Do we want to be known as a people who are kind?  As a people who show kindness?  Do we want to follow yesterday’s instruction to be kind, tender-hearted, forgiving?

Then we must also deal with how we think.  Colossians 3:2 tell us to set our minds on things that are above.  Let’s keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.  Let’s fill our minds with honourable and excellent thoughts.  Let’s make sure we do not allow the venom of anger and bitterness, unforgiveness and rage sneak into our minds.  Instead, let the overflow of our hearts be words that breathe life and and peace.


Grace and Love

Helen x


  1. Joyce reid says:

    I know how it feels to have persistent thoughts that seem to play like a tape in your head. I found this blog helpful,thank you.


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