Leftover Roast Chicken and Thyme Soup

I’m trying to get better at using leftovers.

I don’t throw all leftovers away.  I refrigerate them first.

Then, FAR too often, I throw them away.

So I am trying to get better at NOT doing that and using them.

So here is my recipe for today’s leftovers…

Roast Chicken and Thyme Soup (Serves 4)

Let’s face it, leftover chicken doesn’t look all that appetising.  This is what was left from our Sunday lunch today.

Chicken leftovers

But with just a few extra ingredients and about 20 minutes of your time, you can easily transform it into a whole new dish…super easy!

You will need:


Leftover chicken

1 tbsp oil

1 medium onion

Garlic – I use Very Lazy Garlic, so if you’re using this, a generous teaspoon full will do

1 litre of stock – I use the Knorr stock pots because I think they’re packed with flavour.  2 stock pots will make you a flavourful litre of water.

250ml water

4-5 small carrots or 2-3 larger ones. Chop them on a jaunty angle – why not?

1 tsp dried thyme

Leftover chicken


Start by slicing the onion and frying it in the oil over a medium heat until soft – 5 minutes should do it.  Add the garlic for the last minute, taking care not to burn the garlic or brown the onion.


Add the stock and water and bring to the boil.  Reduce to simmer and add the carrots.  Let them simmer for 7 minutes until just softened.  I like my carrots not-too-sloppy.


Stir in the chicken – you have to admit it looks much better now it’s been shredded – right?!

shredded chicken

Simmer away for another minute or 3 until the chicken is heated through.


Enjoy – today I opted for olive bread.  I’m not saying this is the best accompaniment, I just love olive bread!

Grace and Love

Helen x




  1. Joyce reid says:

    Looks delicious. I love making soup.


  2. Lovely recipe! I too dislike food waste. I run a No Waste Food Challenge linky over on my blog and this would fit right into if you wanted to link up – blogging linkies are a great way to raise your viewership. There are loads of them out there with different themes. Our mutual friend, Helen, was just visiting and recommended I follow your blog. 🙂 Welcome to the bloggersphere!


    • helenjaynekerr says:

      Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the comment! Link up sounds great, I shall have a look at your site for it! I am trying to get better and be more imaginative with how I use leftovers…I can’t bear wasting food. I’m all very new to this, so thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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