Grace and Love in the Everyday

Imagine the scene.  You have a two year old clinging to your legs, screaming.  You have a baby, red-faced, eyes pinched shut, screaming.  You can remember yesterday, when you were out and about, both of them serenely sitting in the double pushchair, and someone stopped you and said “aah, make the most of it, they’re not little for long!”

But today, the screaming won’t stop.  The baby is dry, warm, fed and has pooped.  The two year old is hovering somewhere between screams of rage and probably, in her world, genuine sadness.  And having little ones seems overwhelming, you don’t even know HOW to make the most of it.

Then fast forward a few months.  In retrospect, you don’t even know what happened in those few months.  You’re pretty sure you did A LOT of laundry, cried because you STILL can’t fit into a pair of pre-baby trousers (even though they’re totally impractical when you have kids) and felt like “enough sleep” is just a thing of the past you didn’t realise you should enjoy so much when you had it.

The baby is on solids.  You spend most of your time finding food that has been launched, missile style, at the walls, furniture and the back of your jumper.  The toddler does this:

2008-03-19 10.52.25 2008-03-19 10.46.08

And is emphatic in insisting that she has NOT had the nappy cream.

2008-03-19 10.48.58-1


And when you’re out and about, and the serenity is back, you’re stopped again and someone says “aah, make the most of it, they’re not little for long!”  And you smile sweetly, all the while thinking, aah, but you don’t know how far I’ve had to walk with them in the pushchair to get them to just.stop.screaming…

Now let’s skip a few years.  You know, to those years when silence is suspicious.  When the silence means your children are ‘making milkshake’.  Which actually means taking a 4 pint bottle of milk from the fridge, filling it up with peach juice, tipping it into plastic cups (while completely failing to avoid the carpet – yes, carpet.  Milk mixed with peach juice and carpet *sigh*).

Or your son calls you up to the bathroom because he’s made this:


Yes, a method of filling a bucket in the bathroom sink.  What every mama needs.

But just when you wonder when the mess will stop, and the silence will mean they are playing with THEIR OWN THINGS nicely, you realise suddenly that they can write.  And they leave you this:

I love you mum


And you realise the babies are gone.

They really AREN’T little for long.

And in the pause, you need to hold their little faces.  Their faces that in six months time will be bigger.  Their faces filled with unconditional love and whole expectation.

Savour the little moments.  Their littleness.  Savour the joy in making new things and finding re-engineered sinks.  When making a fort under the dining table is the biggest mess you’ve ever seen, but the biggest joy in their world.

My little ones are still little.  But one day they won’t be.  They will be gone on their own adventures, in a world where they don’t need me, or this home, in the same way.  There will be no little faces to hold, little noses to kiss, fort to tidy away, carpet to scrub…so enjoy today, mama.  The screams do stop, and the tiredness goes away.  But God’s grace is sufficient for you in the moment.

Don’t miss the love and the grace in the everyday.

Helen x


  1. Peerie Daisy says:

    How apt! X


  2. Angela Burt says:

    Nice to see you are finally putting it all down on paper so to speak!! Cant wait to see more!!


  3. Bill McIntyre says:

    As your kids grow older then you never lose the fantastic memories of them growing up. But do you know the really beautiful thing – no matter how old they get they never stop giving you wonderful memories.


  4. Joyce reid says:

    I wish I could have these times again,to savour and appreciate


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