Upcycled Brown Bottles

So, a long time ago I decided to start hoarding all manner of bottles, bits of wood, jam jars…there’s a project in everything…right?! Well, I do love these little brown Brundaberg Ginger Beer bottles, and decided that surely there was something I could do with them!

 Here is my project and how to upcycle/recycle/revamp – call it what you will! – a few old brown bottles!

2013-04-03 13.13.36

What you will need…

 3 brown bottles, Brundaberg or similar!



Brown twine/string

Wooden tags

Glue gun

Step 1

First of all, measure out three pieces of burlap to wrap once around the bottle.  Secure with glue.

2013-04-03 13.21.01

Step 2

Wrap ribbon over the burlap and secure with glue.

2013-04-03 13.27.15

Step 3

I decided to call my bottles Joy, Love and Peace.  I had found these little wooden tags and used an ordinary gel pen marker to write the three words on the tags.

2013-04-03 13.30.23-1

Step 4

Using some brown twine, I tied the little tags around the bottle, over the ribbon, securing in a bow at the back.  They have stayed on without glue.

2013-04-03 13.49.27

Step 5

Display somewhere oh-so-proudly and tell people – yes I made those! 🙂

2013-04-03 14.20.00


  1. Maggie Ramsay says:

    These bottles are gorgeous. What a clever and creative idea.


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